Looking for a modern day wiki for a group project
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Please help me find a modern day wiki for a group project. We're already using Slack and Trello, and while those are nice, we need a place to write and collect formatted documents with group editing/commenting capabilities and cross-document links. Google Docs would sort of work, but I hope there is something better available.

The tool should be available as a service, i.e. I don't want to have to set up and maintain a server.

When people are invited and join the project, I want them to get access to all the documents automatically. It's great if there's finer grain access control or groups, but I don't want everyone to have to remember to invite everyone else every time they create a new document. That is one of the shortcomings of Google docs.

Ideally, there would be some in-built capability to create structure and see a structured overview of the documents. All of our documents should live in their own world, not jumbled up with other documents that individuals create for other purposes. It should be straightforward to creates links from one document to another.

The tool should provide wysiwyg editing with some rich text capabilities. We don't need MS Word or InDesign -- just basic fonts, paragraphs, indents, bullets, etc. Nice if we can embed graphics, but even that we could do without.

The tool should ideally look and feel like a modern web application.

We are on a shoestring. Ideally this would be free initially and inexpensive on an ongoing basis. Long term we have some flexibility, but short term it needs to be inexpensive.

Bonus points if it plays well with our other tools: Trello and Slack.
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Best answer: Can you use Google Drive? Create a folder, share that folder with the team, and every document in said folder (and sub-folders) is automatically shared with whoever has access privileges to the folder. And, you'll have at least options of Docs, Sheets, Slides for out of the box file creation types, and for anything else, you can just drop it in the Drive.

It's nice, b/c you can have people download the desktop app, and then it keeps a folder on their computers that's basically like a network drive that stays in sync.
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GitHub offers a wiki for each repository. It's free for public projects (no need to upload any code, just create a repo and ignore the other tabs) of you can pay $7 monthly for private ones.

With public wikis you can still control which users are allowed to make edits.


The only missing feature in your list is WYSIWYG editing, but they do offer a good "preview" tab.
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Check out Igloo-- it's not everything you hope for, but if you've got a small team (under 10 people) it's free forever. Sharepoint is also a popular Intranet, Rackspace offer hosting solutions to take the pain out of it.
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Have you looked at Confluence? It's not free but relatively cheap for small groups and I know a lot of people that swear by it and it has at least some ability to integrate with Slack and Trello. It's definitely easier to use than things like MediaWiki.
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Take a look at Dropbox Paper
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