Bathmat needed for stupid, textured tub
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I need a new bathmat for my tub but... it has the slightest texture ever and somehow that's enough to keep normal bathmats from sticking. Help me find a new mat before I slip in the shower and break my face!

Sorry for the dullest question ever asked on AskMeFi.

I need a new bathmat for my tub. I bought this one on Amazon - More of a flying carpet than a bathmat. Everyone on Amazon loved it but when I put it in my tub, the suction cups refuse to stay suctioned. Within ten seconds of showering, the entire mat is floating. Yes, I've followed the install instructions. At one point I literally stood there and pressed down each and every little suction cup dot with my thumb and that held for about five minutes... before the whole thing was floating again.

On closer inspection, my tub floor has the SLIGHTEST texture possible. You can't even see it, but if you run your hand over the tub floor you will feel a very, very slight pebbling. I guess that's what's messing with this mat.

SO can you recommend a bathmat I can buy that should work with my tub? I really don't want to just randomly order another one and then have to return it too. It would be nice if it was a pretty color but at this point, I'll take anything. Not interested in the stickers you affix to the tub - just a nice simple bathmat!
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Have you tried a heavy towel? It should sit securely on the bottom once saturated.
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Just to clarify, the tub is plastic? Magnets wouldn't stick to it?
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I guess it's plastic? Its definitely not magnetic.
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Hey it's a thing!
Bath mats for textured tub.
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We use this one in our annoyingly textured tub. It has an adhesive instead of suction cups, though supposedly you can get it up when you want to. We only use the tub for bathing the kid but it has been really effective, it's cushy without being too cushy, and it stays stuck. Note it comes in other colors & sizes too.
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