What are your tips for not losing your smartpen?
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I recently got a Neo N2 smartpen. It seems like a great and useful thing. For decades I've thought of pens as things I can lose, and so, would lose them all the time. For obvious reasons, I'd rather not lose this one. Any tips for not losing your smartpen?
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Only really works if you need to wear an ID badge, but I use a badge holder with pen loop to keep track of my Surface pen. Over three years I've broken a few pens but never lost one using this holder.
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At some point in the murky past, I realized that if I have multiples of something (pens, chapstick, hair ties), I tend to lose them, but if I only have one, then I don't. I suppose you could operationalize this by telling your brain that it's not a pen. Rather, it exists in a unique category and is irreplaceable.

If that doesn't work for you, maybe buy one of those stick-on RFID tags?
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As a semi-reformed lossy person, I've found a few ways to keep items (including some pen-like ones: my favorite pens are c. 25$ each so too expensive to lose frequently, and I also have an iPencil). Options are:
1) value it highly so I am always worried about it. (More expensive, one-off pen= less likely to lose. Expensive sunglasses = kept much longer than the equivalent cost in cheap ones).
2) have a place to put it. I never lost the pen to my old Galaxy note because it had a place to go in the tablet itself. For the iPencil, I've designated a slot in my workbag; my favorite pens live in the slot next door.
3) Make it obvious when you lose it. All keys on one ring = I'm going to use it often enough that I'll notice very quickly when I don't have them. Corollary: once you notice it's gone, find it now. Always easier than finding it later. (I think this is why the "only have one of them" works; if I have two, I just use the second one instead of finding the first, and then suddenly they're both gone.)
4) attach it somehow. Carabiner for the keys, pockets in all clothes, etc.

Best is if I can do all four of these.
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I'm a big fan of attaching easy-to-misplace items and having very specific places to put them. Keys go on a strap attached to my bag or on a hook by the door, and nowhere else. Unique pens have a home in a specific pen slot in my bag or in the where-pens-are-stored cup on my desk, nowhere else. My work badge is in a pocket in my bag or attached to my clothing, nowhere else.

I like bags with lots of o-rings for attaching things and pockets to put stuff. The same things go in the same pockets all the time so it's a lot harder for me to avoid noticing when something's missing.

So, since it looks like you'll be using specific notebooks with the Neo N2, either keep the pen and notebook in a specific bag or pouch together, or attach the pen to the notebook (option, option, more options). It'll be harder to misplace the pen if you'd also have to misplace the notebook at the same time. Keep them together, always.
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Lover of nice pens here. (And I will be checking out your smart pen!) The trick is to have one fixed location for your pen. At work, my two nicest pens are in a particular spot on my two work desks. When I travel anywhere, my other two nice pens are in one particular pocket and location in my purse. At home, my favorite pen is in a particular place on my home work desk.

Once your pen is assigned its place, which for you should be portable and something you always take with you, religiously return it there when not in use.
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If there's a way, write your name on it. I find that usually does the trick.
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Seconding kitcat, write or type your name on small slip of paper and wrap it around your pen with scotch tape. If anyone says anything to me about it I just tell them the truth - "I am always leaving my pen laying around and this is only way I can keep up with it".
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