Help me in my new town: Kannapolis NC
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I found the farmer's market near the Charlotte airport, which is amazing. Does anyone know of anything similar on the Kannapolis side? I found the Piedmont listed online, but looking for recommendations in other areas.

My husband applied for a job in Charlotte; everything happened very quickly, resulting in us moving in the next two weeks. After doing all the research on Charlotte, we ended up in Kannapolis. I'm interested in any information anyone has about the area, so feel free to me-mail as I know this isn't chat. I'm also interested in planting a garden now that I finally have a backyard bathed in sunlight. I also have a black thumb. Can anyone recommend a reputable place to have a garden planted for me, that I would maintain? I have enjoyed everything about the area, but [no exaggeration] nearly everyone I contacted on Craigslist and Zillow [looking for a home] was a scam. So now I am hesitant and looking for real life recommendations. Also, if anyone has a tried and true way to avoid 85 and get from Kannapolis to Innovation Park (University area) on back roads. Thanks!
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My mom is a volunteer at the Davidson Farmers Market. I wouldn't be surprised if some of their vendors might be willing to plant your garden for you. If you haven't been to Davidson yet, it's a pleasant little town just to your west.

There's also Bradford Store, about halfway between Kannapolis and Davidson, which is sort of country store/produce stand place. I remember it being a little cheesy, but it's close, and they sell good stuff.
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Oh, and I'm glad to try to answer other questions if I can. I haven't lived there in 20 years, so I'm not going to be helpful for things like current traffic problems, but my folks are still there, and I still know a lot of people there.
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I'll put out some feelers to my Concord/ Kannapolis/ Harrisburg friends about the farmers market and gardening resources. Vivian Howard from A Chef's Life spoke in K-town last fall b/c she had worked with a local farming organization - maybe find the first episode of this season to get the name.

And the best back way from Kannapolis to the university area is NC 49.
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Thank you! Also to the peeps who me-mailed me great info! If anyone comes across this and wants to send me info about the area, I'm happy to have it.
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This article from Our State magazine came up on my FB feed today
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