Accelerated pre-med courses?
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Anybody have information on accelerated pre-med courses? Eg 'a year of chem & bio plus wetlab in 1 quarter or semester, full-time?' Just curious if these exist anywhere.
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The term you're looking for is post baccalauareate, or post bac.

Some east coast schools that run these programs off the top of my head: Bryn Mawr, Goucher, Columbia, NYU, UPenn, Temple, UVA, Johns Hopkins, Hunter College, City College (both in the CUNY system in NYC).

Be aware that the term post bac (typically "pre med post bac") is used interchangably to refer to two completely different kinds of programs: one, a "career changer" post bac, is for students who have never taken pre-med coursework (those are the programs I referred to above). The second, sometimes called a "record enhancer" post bac, is for students who have taken pre-med coursework already and either failed to gain acceptance to medical school or does not have the academic record to even attempt to apply. Those programs typically provide some kind of enrichment or more advanced pre-med education to improve ones odds of being accepted to medical school.
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Also, to be clear, all of these programs are for students who already hold bachelors degrees. Accelerated pre-med coursework for current college students is usually either contingent upon their granting institution allowing them to graduate early, or applying to a combined undergraduate/medical program (e.g. Brown PLME).
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Washington University in St. Louis also has such a program.
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USC, too.
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This may be obvious but I thought I'd note that these programs (versus a self-designed post-bacc) are fairly competitive to get into and often quite expensive.
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I am a professor who teaches postbacs. It's pretty hard to imagine doing the pre-reqs in one semester as the OP asks. We run a 1 year program (a full calendar year - summer, plus two semesters), and that's pretty intense for the students. As Aranquis notes, program admission is competitive and the programs are expensive - often with little or no financial aid. It's not for everyone, but it can be a good choice for strong students who happened to not study science in undergrad.
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I see you're in Atlanta, so I'll note that summer semester is coming up and several of the local University System of Georgia schools offer compressed summer short courses. So you might be able to do a year of chemistry and a year of biology in the summer by taking two courses for each summer short term: Principles of Chem I and Principles of Biol I for Summer A and Principles of Chem II and Principles of Biol II for Summer B. You would be in each class for something like 6 hours a day for 4 days a week (so that's 48 hours a week of class), and you'd still have to find time to do homework each night, but it likely is possible. There are probably similar summer schedules available at many schools.
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Also, Agnes Scott has a pre-med post-bacc.
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I would consider how deeply you need to know the material - in my experience (in a different academic context), the rushed intensive classes often don't allow as much time for the material to soak in. If this is something that you need to really know and understand in depth, I would be cautious about whether you would be able to learn it as well on such a rushed schedule. If this just a check-box experience and not foundational to future work, I would be less concerned.
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