Help me replace the comfiest, ugliest chairs
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I have two hand-me-down leather chairs (demi-loveseats?) which my parents bought twenty-odd years ago and I inherited about a decade ago. They have lived two wonderful lives, but time has made them saggy and I'm ready to move on. I need help finding comfy, reasonably-priced alternatives.

In my cursory searching, my chairs seem to be in a weird and tough-to-google category of not-quite-lounge-chair, not-quite-loveseat. So I would love recommendations for specific models, brands or even keywords. I'm less interested in general recommendations for retailers unless they clearly have a range of chairs that seem to fit the bill.

The chief attributes of the chairs are size and comfort. They're intended for one human, but they're large enough for one and a half — coupled with their supportive yet pillow-like arms, this makes it super easy to curl up in one, drape your legs over the sides, snuggle, etc. Though they're leather, I actually don't think this aspect is too important.

As a point of comfort comparison, we also have an Ikea Kivik sofa. If Ikea made a one-seater version and it had taller, more inviting arms, that would be a great option for me.

As for budget, well, clearly I cited an Ikea offering... I would make the appropriate accommodations for the perfect chair, but let's call $500 per chair a ceiling.

I am located in NYC.
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Best answer: You want a "chair and a half"!
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Here. It's a weird color but I wanna sit in it.
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Or this?
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We have one that was sold as a "snuggler" but "chair and a half" was my main search term.
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I think this chair is very close to your old one.
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Solid, well-built furniture is not easy to find anymore. Inexpensive versions seem to have a tendency to fall apart (recent famous example). I'd encourage you strongly to look into having your excellent chair that you know that you love re-upholstered.
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Best answer: You can definitely get those restuffed and reupholstered or reconditioned for $500/each or less. "They don't make furniture like they used to" is true. I have gotten older but solid pieces re-done for the cost of a new piece, and had better luck doing that than buying new.

I have sat in that linked chair from Wayfair; it's initially comfy, but a year or two and that microfiber fabric starts to pick up body oils and becomes impossible to clean, and the stuffing goes flat fast because it's just batting. Friends have it and are already in the market for replacement after ~2 years.
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Yeah, if you love these chairs, thirding having them rebuilt rather than buying new ones. Getting the right blend of comfiness and sturdiness seems to be entirely lacking in newly-made furniture. They are great, at first.. until the cheap materials reveal themselves, and then they aren't.
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If you consider the refurbishment route, or want to replace with the same brand, I'm pretty sure those chairs were made by Natuzzi. Just because my parents have like the exact same ones. (I agree, they're very comfortable.) They might still make a similar model, though I bet it'll be pricey.
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My local Craigslist is full of chairs and couches in this style. Maybe you could get lucky and find the same chairs less "well loved" than your current ones.
Reupholstering furniture that is such a dated style and that you described yourself as ugly seems a bit crazy to me.
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You can bring that leather back *way* more than you can possibly imagine by using Leather Honey on them.

I inherited (from a friend who moved overseas) this totally ratty leather motorcycle jacket, probably 40 years old and cheap even when it was purchased. Amazingly, the coat fits me perfectly -- I'm a size that it seems motorcycle jacket manufacturers must hate, or at the very least not like too very much. I put leather honey on it -- twice, as it totally sucked up the first application within 24 hours -- and the jacket looks and feels great.*
*It looks and feels exactly as you'd want an old ratty motorcycle jacket to look and feel.

I've since used the stuff on belts, boots, shoes and it's really something else. You might want to give it a shot.
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