Another luggage question: Boston edition
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Staying in Boston's North End, have to check out of an Airbnb at 11am, don't have to be at Logan until 3:30ish. Four people with big suitcases. What to do with the suitcases so we can enjoy our last day in town? Airbnb host can't accomodate me with a late check-out or luggage storage. No local friends/family. Help?
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Looks like the Package Express in South Station has luggage storage.
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Best answer: You can also store your luggage at Rowe's Warf and it looks like you can even combine it with a ferry trip to the airport.
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Best answer: The Rowe's Wharf luggage storage requires that you take the ferry. Which is fine if you want to take the ferry, but be aware that it requires buying a ferry ticket.
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Most hotels will hold your luggage for a nice tip, if there's a nice one in a useful location.
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Best answer: If none of these pan out it actually wouldn't be that terrible to just take the bags to the airport, check them, and then go back into town. This assumes you don't mind carrying around your hand luggage for the day, though. But depending where you're going you might be able to check that (some of the museums allow you to check smaller bags, e.g.).

But the airport isn't really very far from the city.
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Any chance you're in town for AAG? If so, you might be able to check your bags at one of the conference hotels if you say you're there for the conference. (Also, if you're in town for AAG, hi, me too!)
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Response by poster: I was able to cobble together a work-around, but I bested the two things that were reasonable alternate solutions. For Rowe's Wharf, it would have been cheaper had we come in from the airport that way -- if you're only buying a one-way ticket they do tack on an extra $8 for luggage storage. And yeah, when we finally got a car to the airport I realized it is so very close to the city that going there earlier in the day to check bags wasn't a bad idea, either. Thanks for the help.
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