Another ID This Plant Question
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We just moved and are wondering what this plant/shrub/bush/thing is.

Identify this plant has got to be right up there with the 'name my cat' or 'what kind of bug is this' questions but here we are! We moved to a new house this past winter, and are walking around today trying to identify what we have so we know how to maintain the plantings, etc. We do not know what this is. There are 4 photos. It's about 9 feet high, and looks like it gets cut to the ground every year. It looks lifeless and I would like to know if I should be cutting it down now. We have a photo of that area from last spring and there was nothing there. So this thing grew to almost ten feet in a year. We live in southern New Jersey, and the photos were taken today. Thanks for any help!
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possibly a rose of sharon, or hibiscus... if those seed cases are connected to it.
no idea about cutting it back for its own sake. only your aesthetics.

edited to add: and it was likely planted between now and that photo, i doubt it grew up in a year.
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That seed case is connected to it, there are maybe 6 or 7 still attached. Thanks for the link, I will check it out!
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Yes, looks like rose of sharon to me as well.
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That almost looks like an elderberry bush to me. Rose of sharon is more woody.
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Nthing Rose of Sharon. They have pretty flowers, and grow quickly, but will also start popping up all over your yard, and tend to grow so tall they fall over, so keep it cut back, especially height-wise.
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PS) I don't think you want to cut it all the way to the ground, but probably to 4-5 feet.
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