App that solves the traveling salesman problem?
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I am looking for an app that takes in a set of street addresses and spits out a recommended route to visit all of them.

Here are some additional criteria:

1. I will have a list of addresses. Ideally, I want to be able to cut and paste the addresses all at once, rather than typing them in one by one.
2. The app produces a Google Maps style visual map. The map should be emailable/printable.
3. The app should be able to do this for up to 50 addresses.
4. The solution doesn't have to be the best solution, just a reasonably good solution.
5. A website that does this, rather than an app, is OK, just as long as it will work on my ipad.

Note that the addresses will all be fairly close to each other (they are confined to 2 counties).
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Oh hey, I had to do this as a data entry Craigslist gig once!

Driving Route Planner is the free version that does up to 25 addresses at a time. This is what I used. It's not fast, but it works fine.

They have an ad for Speedy Route Planner if you want to be able to do more than 25 addresses in one copy-paste. This is the version you pay money for.
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I've used BatchGeo in the past, although not recently. It worked very, very well for what I needed (map locations quickly so I could set up a delivery route for a volunteering thing).
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I don't know of apps that do this on their own, but routing providers tend to call this feature “optimized routing” and you’ll find it on such platforms as Google or Mapzen (demo, docs). That might be a useful search term for you to use.
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