How do I revive a dead Parrot MKi 9200 without moving to Norway?
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I have a Parrot MKi 9200 car kit so I can use my mobile phone hands free. The remote control isn't working and my first guess is that it needs a new battery. The RC is stuck to my dash with double-sided tape, and I can't figure out how to remove the top half so I can replace the battery. The user guide and Google haven't helped. Any hints?
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Heat gun slowly waved at the tape edges?
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You shouldnt need to take it off the dash to replace the battery, it uses the flat watch type battery and theres a little catch on the side that causes the battery housing to come loose.
This photo should help

As per that blog make sure you get the right battery, others will fit but wont work ....ask me how I know.
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I didnt explain that terribly well. Heres an ebay listing with a pic of the underside of the remote, that catch on the top right is what youre looking for. It's openable from the side and once released the whole battery housing just slides out the side.

If you did end up removing the whole caboodle from the dash and need to remount it, you might want to get a mounting plate which means you can just slide the remote off the plate. I bought this when I was having battery issues mostly just to be sure I had the right battery - its much easier to attach the plate to the dash than the remote direct to the dash. Why it didnt come with a mounting plate in the first place is beyond me.
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