Identify the mystery objects taken from a friend's doggie's intestines.
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Hi. My friend's dog had surgery to extract three foreign objects from her digestive track. They cannot identify the objects and would like to know what they are dealing with. They look like jacks wrapped inside a bag with a drawstring. Photo #1 close up. Photo #2 with ruler for scale NB: They are not jacks. More specifics inside.

I repeat, they are not jacks.
They do not have a scent other than the chemicals they were stored in.
The objects are made of silicone and the bag is some kind of fabric.
Color before passing through the digestive track is not known.
Dog is not a digger.
There are not young children around.
Neighbors do not recognize the objects.
There are three total.
They could have come from outside.
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My first thought was some sort of tile spacer, but that wouldn't explain the bags. . .
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Are the legs on the not-jacks all the same length? It's hard to tell.
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Fishing lures? They don't look like any that I've seen, but it was my first thought.
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This is a little embarrassing, but my immediate thought is that they're some kind of weird ben-wa ball variant. I can't exactly check on the computer I'm on, but I could possibly follow up.
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In the second picture especially, these look to me like small stands meant to display something, based on the appearance of the "foot" of the pinkish one near the number 27 and the way the "fingers" on the other side seem ready to hold something up. The only explanation I could give for the bags is if these were meant to be displayed and stored with something seasonal or delicate like holiday decorations. They don't seem like the right position to hold up a dish, but perhaps an ornament or figurine?
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I had the exact thought as juliplease.
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The legs on the not-jacks are not all the same length.
The not-jacks are bendy, soft silicone.
I can't google the ben-wa concept but if someone wants to check that out and can do so, that'd be great.

Here's a closer up photo.
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I'm actually backing off on the ben-wa balls, with a closer look--the flatter ends don't seem right.
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Maybe a tongue piercing?
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Maybe joints/tube connectors?
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There's something really familiar looking about this, like it's in the same class of objects maybe you would have gotten out of a toy capsule vending machine as a kid, if that makes any sense.

No idea though.
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Oh, and for the pet tax, this is Bailey.
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I've seen similar objects for display of business cards, and the scale is right. The three rounded legs form a tripod base, and the upper part's a little like an easel, more obviously so when holding a short stack of cards. You might see one next to the toothpick dispenser, on the little counter by the cash register in a small restaurant.
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Huh - to me, they look like the scaffolding/throwaway structure thingies that plastic toys and/or game pieces come attached to. But if they are soft silicone, I am not sure that would be the likely origin.
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It reminds me of something you would use to support a crystal ball.
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Some sort of dryer balls?
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It looks to me like some kind of cheap corporate gift, with the bags as the branded element. Maybe meant to wrap headphone cords around, or support a phone, or stash glasses?
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That cheap corporate gift idea makes sense to me. Maybe a phone stand?
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I think it is a display stand of some sort, maybe for something round. The fabric bag makes me think etsy? I dunno, but this is driving me bonkers. I must figure it out!
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Is there a doctor in the house? I'm thinking they are a medical device of some kind. (Although, why the neat little baggies?) I googled IUDs but that's not it.
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Maybe an actual amulet of some sort? Is there a botanica or some other folk/magic type place in the vicinity?
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Some of the cheap dollar store dog toys have something similar inside. Before jumping to medical implant I'd be more likely to suspect the dog found someone's really really really lovely smelling chewed up dog toy from somewhere. also see similar things in cheap children's you balls. Doesn't explain the bag tho.
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OK, this is gross but here you go ... those are Poise Impressa bladder supports. They are used as internal (vaginal) "support" to help prevent bladder leaks in women who have stress incontinence. They are flexible plastic doo-dads with a thin cloth-like cover that are inserted the same way as tampons, and they sit in the vagina and press upward onto the urinary tract to stop stress pee leaks.

I presume that the used ones were in the bathroom trash, the dog was attracted to the scent and...

Sorry, that's disgusting, but you asked. :)

ETA: Color before passing through the digestive tract is white.
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DING DING DING DING!!!!! My friend is gonna be, uh, interested to know. Thank you so so much.
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Unless the dog was staying at someone's house, assuming it went through the owner's trash, surely she would recognise her own personal hygiene products? Unless she actually did and was just too embarrassed to say what they were. (Which makes sense.)
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She thinks it's from her neighbor's trash.
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I love Metafilter. Exactly three hours later, the accurate identification of an unusual mystery item was made. Just amazing!
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Aha! Medical stuff indeed. Here's a good explainer. Apparently they go inside baggy and all, handy string to extract. The things you learn on MetaFilter.
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This is the only useful thing I have done all day!!
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aaah, you're a good dogge, Bailey!

(now stay outta the trash!!)
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Half-points to the posters above who guessed Ben wa balls and IUDs... you were on the right bus!
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(Also, why is this described as "gross" and "disgusting"? It's a medical device. It goes in the vagina. Some people need them. No big deal. We're [mostly] grown-ups here.)
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Well, it's gross for the dog to eat them.
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I'm just glad we figured out what they are. I was worrying about this last night.
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Thank you all so so much. The object almost perforated the dog's intestines, but didn't. The worry here was in case it had some kind of poison/chemical in it for rodents/gophers/whatever. At the very least, we have peace of mind that that is not also a problem. My friend thanks you all very much. As do her friends, who were also flummoxed on the FB post she made.
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Wow, I learned something new and fascinating today and all because I compulsively click on every animal post on metafilter!
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