access rtsp stream via onvif-s client app
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I have a camera that can outputs a rtsp stream, and an ios client app that can view an onvif-s camera. lets get them together!

as far as I can tell, the onvif profile basically is an rtsp stream, with extras, but I can't seem to get the client app to recognize the stream as is. i've tried using the ozeki onvif sdk, which can load the rtsp stream, and has a "server" which acknowledges the attempted connection from my ios app, but never succeeds in delivering the image. i could install other suggested software to wrap / convert / transcode / what-have-you on my windows 7 server or a raspberry pi.

long version: babies, babies. 2 year old has d-link cam hanging above crib. "Baby Monitor" by Tiny Solutions LLC has worked great for us. The feature I need to replicate is squelch. When sound level remains below set limit, it mutes all sound but continues monitoring. If baby cries, and sound level goes above set limit, it triggers alarm and restarts audio output. So phone is silent all night, until 530am when baby cries and then phone makes noise and wakes me up.

now baby 2. in the intervening 2 years, we've set up a Unifi Video cam nvr system. unifi cam hangs above crib #2. Cams feed server. works great in unifi video app. but no squelch. server can in turn output an rtsp stream. I can view rtsp stream in vlc. I want to load it into the ios baby monitor app to utilize the squelch feature. app supports onvif. but i can't quite get there.

any thoughts? thank you.
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