How do I find a lawyer who is LGBT, not just LGBT friendly?
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I am looking for a lawyer to help with starting a non-profit foundation in California and navigating the taxes and regulations around it. It'll be geared broadly toward social justice and particularly resources for creating sustainable communities, with a focus on helping marginalized populations. Ideally the lawyer would be part of one (or more) of the groups the founders are part of: lgbt, disabled, people of color.

There are many ways to search by specialty, but very few (that I can find, and most of those are very out of date) for searching by demographic. I realize that's probably because of the high chances for discrimination and other issues, but it makes it difficult to find a lawyer that we'll feel more comfortable working with.

Does anyone know of any resources for such things? Is anyone part of the LGBT Bar Association and could possibly search for someone? Does anyone have a recommendation of a specific lawyer? The founders are based in San Jose, CA.
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Check your memail.
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You could use Linkedin Recruiter to do a keyword search for attorneys who were members of Lambda Legal, Black Law Students' Association, La Raza etc when they were in law school.

No comment on the legality of searching for candidates this way.
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Some states of LGBT Bar Associations.
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In addition, some state bar associations have LGBT events.
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And the national LGBT bar association has a forum.
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I encourage you to pose this question to the great folks at the National Center for Lesbian Rights, which, despite the name, focuses on LGBTQIA+ issues quite broadly. HQ is in San Francisco. Contact information (and some resources you might find helpful) here.
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You can also check with San Jose's local LGBT community organization, who can almost certainly direct you to several folks who are not just LGBT lawyers but also are active in the community in ways beyond just the law.
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You're going at it backwards. Start with LGBT organizations or people who are not involved in the law and ask them for lawyer recommendations. The same way you'd find an LGBT car mechanic.
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Philly Gay Lawyer Angela Giampolo might have some resources for you
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Contact the Lambda Legal office nearest San Jose and ask for a recommendation.

Western Regional Office
4221 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 280
Los Angeles, CA 90010-3512
t 213-382-7600
f 213-351-6050

The TLC is based in Oakland and may also be able to help you.

Transgender Law Center
PO Box 70976
Oakland, CA 94612-0976
phone: 510-587-9696
fax: 877-847-1278
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