MLB Advanced Media Filter: How to listen to yesterday's game today?
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Happy Opening Day! Unsurprisingly, neither FAQ's nor a phone call with customer service, nor the emailed follow-up to that conversation has given me an intelligible answer to this question: Is it possible to listen to yesterday's Dodgers radio broadcast today on my iPhone or computer today?

I am willing to pay for whatever service that offers this. I am an early bird and am always asleep before the end of a Dodger game (not that I could even watch it if I wanted to, but that's a different story). I have a long commute and headphones at my office. I want an audio archive version of yesterday's game while I drive to work and have my morning coffee. Is this possible with any combination of apps and subscriptions?
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Here is the page with their game from April 1 (I know you don't literally mean yesterday in relation to right now, but "yesterday" in the grand scheme of things). It appears that you will need to become a Gameday Audio subscriber (which is only $20/year), and then you can listen to it. It looks like there is a free preview situation from that first page if you want to check it out.
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Gameday Audio is soooo worth it. It usually just works, even when your team is on some TV channel that you can't get. Or you get the urge to listen to Bob Eucker call a game. Or you need something to do at work and it's Thursday afternoon and somebody's playing baseball somewhere.
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I agree that Gameday Audio is the solution to your problem.
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Starting tomorrow, if you are a T-Mobile customer, you can sign up (for FREE) to MLB.TV. The Gameday Audio is included in the MLB.TV subscription, so you kill two birds with one stone.
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Wow China Grover that is amazing. And I agree that gameday audio is one of the best values around (for a baseball fan).
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so I am a multi-year subscriber to and it is really great and at 130/season quite a good deal especially since it had been the only way to watch or listen to my beloved giants from here on the east coast.

I just wanted to warn you that its probably not a good deal for you to buy the whole subscription since it blacks out games available locally in your area - although I believe the radio portion (as suggested above) works regardless of where you IP address shows you to be.

also, if I had one gripe about the apps design it is that it doesn't deal with spoilers well - you can hid scores of games from the front page display but if you, say, wanted to navigate to somewhere you could follow/watch/listen to the game, even if you opt to start it from the beginning, it usually shows you the result.

also also sorry about your first season without Vin on the mic (this is genuine and probably the nicest/only nice thing I will ever have to say to a dodger fan).
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Just to clarify- this Gameday Audio has archives of games? Live audio is not the solution I am looking for. But this sounds promising. Will check it out now!
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Gameday Audio has both live audio and archives of games. I live on the wrong side of the ocean to follow Rockies games in real time, so I always listen the day after.
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I'm also an subscriber, and before that I used only the audio portion (MLB at bat), and I can confirm that blackout restrictions do not affect the audio streams. They're pretty aggressive blackout restrictions for video though; I'm in Duluth MN and Milwaukee is in my blackout zone!

They archive audio, including streams for all teams and often a spanish SAP as well. MLB at bat (the audio only subscription) also provides video "condensed game" replays the next day, without commentary. It is absolutely worth the cost in my opinion.

The best part: the apps are quite good now, too, after a couple of painful growing years. The ipad app, in particular, is really good. The web interface, on the other hand, could use a lot of work.
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Gameday Audio on desktop is great. Via the At Bat app, not so much, in that you can only listen to live games, no archives available; I don't think that was always the case.
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