70s or 80s movie/character trivia
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Does anyone remember a movie from the 70s or 80s, Bad News Bears-like in the sense that it was about a group of misfits, with a character named 'no toe' who lost his toe when it got severed by his bike chain, and before he could pick it up a dog ate it? I remember the kid as Hawaiian, or Tongan, something like that. I've been searching all day with no results.
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Response by poster: I did find a quote on someone's Facebook wall which proves I'm not totally out of my mind.
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Was the sport baseball? Was the team comprised of kids, or teenagers?
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Response by poster: It may have been baseball. The details are cloudy enough that I'm not sure. Definitely a team of some sort. I'd say the 'no toe' character was a teen, but some of the others may have been younger.
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Best answer: I found it! It's "Take Down". Here's the scene where the kid explains the nickname.
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