Events in the North East April 15-16th
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Mrs. Pyro and I have an opportunity to get away for the weekend on April 15-16 in the north east. Any neat events anyone can call out so we can figure out where to drive to? Home base is north NJ.
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I'm not sure if you are interested but April 15 is the March for science.
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The March for Science is April 22.

The northeast covers a lot of territory. You might get more helpful answers if you chime in with how far you're willing to drive, do you want (or care) if it's in a city or not, what kinds of events (cons? art shows? one-off performance events?) you might be interested in.
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Response by poster: @rtha, I specifically didn't want to limit it since i wanted a range of answers. But let's say 6 hours. re: event types - no idea.
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The Boston Marathon is on Monday, April 17 (which makes it a fabulous/terrible time to visit here, depending). There will be some marathon events through the weekend (if you're runners, you might enjoy the marathon expo around the bib number pickup, for example).

Here's The Boston Calendar for that weekend.
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