Need recommendations for women's gym shoes for physical therapy
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My mother goes to physical therapy and wants some new gym shoes. She needs them so that she can walk on the treadmill and use the stationary bike. She also says that she needs them to offer arch support and she doesn't want to have to tie any laces to put them on. Her shoe size is 8W. A bonus would be if they came in vibrant colors. This is all a bit outside my expertise. Does the hive mind have any suggestions?
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Best answer: I work in outpatient rehab. Skechers are very popular with my patients and they have a lot of slip-on options and a good choice for these activities. Arch support is decent. Many Skechers models come in wide. I own this pair: Skechers Synergy I own the medium width. I find them to be too wide. They medium width options might work for your mom.

Other Skechers models: Skechers Sport Empire Sneaker

Wide options from Go Walk from Skechers.
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Ryka Fierce Slip On available in 8W.
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I recently bought a few pairs of Lock Laces and turned all of my sneakers into slip-ons - they're great! If that's acceptable to your mom you don't need to limit her to slip on shoes.
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You can get stretchy laces to put on any shoe.

We know a podiatrist who likes New Balance shoes.
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If using the Lock Laces mskyle mentioned is an option,

Brooks Ariels have a ton of arch support (they are "motion control" runners). Found them ok prior to current issues when arch support was the only factor and I actually used to run.

New Balance Vazee Rush V 2 are loved by people with an astounding variety of ailments (including me). They're sized a little weird, you have to go up a half size but... I have six things wrong with my feet, ie walking is usually limited, & don't even have to wear orthotics with these. They're incredibly lightweight, provide good arch support, and the sole material & construction (6 mm heel drop) both reduce impact and fatigue on feet and promote a healthy gait. There's no stitching on the upper either, it's just one mesh sock (so there are no pressure points at all). They are miracle shoes. If your Mom is a wide in ladies, might go for the men's wide (i think the dude colours are better anyway).

NB does a pretty built up shoe with velcro for very problematic feet that I've seen at my orthoticist's place, as well as a few other varieties - maybe go to a NB store and check a few models out. (Skechers are pretty great too.)
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Best answer: I am a 60-year-old woman. Skechers Go Walk is what I wear all the time. I also have a wide foot but don't need to buy the wide size. I would recommend she start with the cloth version. They are really great, I have so many pair in tons of colors, I rarely wear anything else.
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Lots of awesome suggestions above, but I would also recommend seeing if there's an independent local shoe/sports store in your area. Especially for something where comfort/support is really important, I think it can be quite valuable to go somewhere where the employees know what they're doing and how to match people to the right shoes. A lot of these places will even watch you walk to recommend the best option. You will pay a little more than ordering online, but you don't have to mess around with ordering a bunch of pairs and sending back what doesn't work (or settling for something that's not great) -- especially when I'm looking for something specific, I think it's very much worth it.
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Seconding both Skechers and New Balance. I have a ton of foot and joint problems, and those are my go-tos. They're comfy, suportive and roomy enough to fit orthotics. New Balance especially come in a ton of funky colours. And stretchy silicone or lock laces are great. (I have them in nearly all my shoes because my bendy fingers hate shoelaces). You can get a set of silicone laces on ebay for a couple of dollars and they're perfectly fine, although you can spend more if you want something fancier.
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