Montreal Weekend Recommendations: 2017 Edition
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Bonjour/Hello! Next weekend we'll be heading up to Montreal and I haven't been in over a decade. So what's cool these days?

We're staying on St-Denis near des Pins. We live in Bushwick, if that gives you a sense of our taste for hipster-y things: ramen, cocktails, bookstores, cozy bars that are nice to read in. I spent a summer living in Montreal (in ... sheesh, 1999) and visited for years after, so I know some broad strokes but all my "fun places to visit" are definitely out of date. (Is the Plateau even cool any more?) So what are the chill, local places you love?

Thank you. ❤️❤️❤️
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Best answer: There's an unmarked black door beside the great little restaurant Patati Patata (which you should totally also go to) at St-Laurent and Rachel. Behind the door is a fantastic cocktail bar called Big In Japan that you need to check out.
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Best answer: Fancy (tasting menu only) dinner: HVOR
Queer friendly dive bar with bowling: Notre Dame Des Quilles
Bookstore: Drawn & Quarterly
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Best answer: There's really good ramen near where you're staying ! Check out Yokato Yokabai.

I second Drawn & Quarterly, and you could go have brunch at Bagels Etc or at Sparrow on the way.

Also check out Else's for the "cozy bar" spot (bonus : they have a big whisky collection for a non-whisky bar!)

If you're gluten-free or vegan, there's a nice vegan pastry shop with a lot of GF options on des Pins called Sophie Sucrée.

I also always enjoy dinner at Majestique ! They've got great cocktails and nice share-different-medium-sized-plates food. If you don't mind taking the public transit or a taxi, Salmigondis was also amazing when we tried it, and has a nice dim-lit, intimate and laid-back atmosphere.
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Best answer: If you're Harry Potter fans, you might want to check out
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Best answer: For a cozy bar, it doesn't get much better than Else's

on preview, what kitsuloukos said

For Ramen, there's Big in Japan, (the Japanese restaurant on St Laurent--- I've never heard of the cocktail bar that chococat mentions but it sounds cool too!)

For cocktails there's Laboratoire on Rachel (a bit of a walk but worth it for the ambiance)

Definitely visit Drawn and Quarterly if you want to see some local literature and tons of graphic novels

There`s tons of lovely coffee shops in the Plateau but I particularly like the Cat Cafe (Café du Chat Heureux )on Duluth (so. many. kittens!!!)
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Best answer: A couple of years ago, Bouillon Bilk gave us one of the most delightful, delicious meals we've ever had , and we've lived in NYC for 35 years between us....and eat out a lot.

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Response by poster: These are all great, thank you. Will report back in a little over a week.
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