Not-too-popular SF Tenderloin restaurants?
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I need to make dinner plans for 2 people--at 6pm this Saturday, preferably within 0.5 miles of PianoFight in the Tenderloin. What restaurants in this neighborhood will take reservations and actually have space available on short notice?

I'd like to find a sit-down restaurant, solidly in the $$ Yelp price range. Must have reservations available for my time slot or no more than a 15-min wait to walk-in (for full table service). So basically I'm looking for a hidden gem, not crazy-popular restaurant in the Tenderloin, but still full-service with decent food. Is this possible?

Cuisine is wide open, with preference for non-dairy and not-entirely-meat options.
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Best answer: Ler Ros for really good thai on Larkin?
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Best answer: Farmer Brown at Turk and Mason will be able to seat you and the food is good and affordable.
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Brenda's Soul Food on Polk and Eddy is crazy good but does not take reservations. Still, though. Yum.
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Response by poster: For some reason I thought Ler Ros was both pricey and super popular, but it seems neither is true as I was able to get a 5:45pm reservation. Thanks all for the quick answers! I'll need to come back to the Tenderloin sometime for soul food, clearly...
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Hops & Hominy is 0.7 miles away and has reservations available for Saturday night at 6:00 PM. Their fried chicken is delicious. Not sure if the Tenderloin request is a requirement or a convenience.
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Rusty's Southern is also an excellent option. It might be a bit meat-heavy for you, but it's some of the best southern / barbecue I've had in the city, and I maintain that the best brussel sprouts I've ever tasted were there.
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