Downloaded Netflix Titles In Other Countries...
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Looking for any anecdata re: downloaded Netflix titles working in other countries. According to Netflix.....maybe you can?

So according to this, downloaded movies/shows from Netflix may or may not work when traveling in another country.

Anyone experience these working/not working? Bonus points if your Netflix is US-based and you traveled in Italy.
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Hopefully someone who's done this before will show up. If not and you're not in a rush, though, I could test it for you? I have a UK Netflix account and I'm heading to Spain next week.
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Best answer: I traveled from the U.S. to South Korea and back. Netflix produced shows like Master of None or Orange is the New Black worked in both countries. However, titles that were available in one country and not the other (The Good Wife in the ROK, The Magicians in the States) did not work once I touched down and turned airplane mode off.
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Best answer: This is how it worked for me on my iPad:
I downloaded shows onto my iPad while in Germany, and so long as I had my wifi turned off I could watch them in the US. (I don't have data on my iPad, but if I did I imagine I'd have to turn that off too.) However, Germany-exclusive shows that had only halfway downloaded in Germany refused to finish downloading in the US.
So make sure they're completely downloaded, turn off your Wifi, and you're golden.
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Best answer: I travelled between Canada and the US last week and my experience was the same as sondern. I put my iPad into airplane mode in the US and was able to watch the downloads I had added in Canada.
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Best answer: Yes, confirming that once your device signals to Netflix that it's in another country, downloaded shows/ movies tend to vanish if they are not available in the second country. As long as your device is in airplane mode you're fine. I've seen this on several journeys.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the info, all.

sailoreagle: this is for next week (starting Sunday) for my daughter, so I appreciate the offer, but probably be a little too late.
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