Recommend me a tailor for a smaller person in Toronto or environs?
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Can you help my friend find a good tailor?

My awesome pal is looking to either buy something from a boys suit store and have it then altered to fit her, or to have a made-to-measure men's suit done correctly for her size. She's on the small size (5"2, thin, not curvy) so working with nicer boys stuff may be an option.

Ideally, this tailor is located in Toronto / the GTA and won't hesitate to give great advice and a solution for her situation. She's willing to go to out of town, e.g. to New York, if needs must, but prices there are north of her budget.

Advice and suggestions are very welcome. Thanks!
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when i live in the GTA i used to use Jamal Tailoring in oakville. sweet guy, great prices, amazing quality work. i lost significant weight and he did all my shirts, a couple suits, some slacks, couple pairs of jeans etc. all in all saved me from buying a whole new wardrobe. he does get busy so better to drop stuff well ahead of when you need it, but i never felt rushed when he was doing a fitting. can't recommend him enough.
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Can I recommend Magic Tailor, located opposite the Eaton Centre in downtown Toronto? I've had a ton of alterations done by them, including suit fittings, sleeve shortening and trouser hemming, all for relatively reasonable prices.
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I recommend Tailoress on Roncesvalles, she's a seamstress and designer and will give good advice.
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I would love to know a Toronto tailor who definitely won't mangle my clothes. I've gone to a few dry cleaners / alteration places near U of T. Sometimes, they do a great job on complex repairs like a torn Barbour jacket. Sometimes the same place horribly botches hemming a pair of suit trousers...
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