Fort Worth, TX - what do you suggest?
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Fort Worth, Texas - I'll be there for a few days next week. What do you suggest?

My first trip to Texas. I'll have a rental car and I'm thinking of staying in Fort Worth most of the time* for the three days I'm there. The zoo, Kimbell, Modern, stockyards, rodeo, botanic gardens - a little searching reveals that these are some of the attractions, but what am I missing or what do you consider most worth seeing/hearing? I guess you could say my interests are oriented towards museums, architecture and natural beauty (Possum Kingdom Lake looks cool if I can get out there), but I am open to other options too.

Also, suggestions for moderately priced places for lunch (likely to have veggie options) would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

*Maybe I'll drive into Dallas one day. The Sixth Floor Museum sounds interesting. Is the train between the two cities convenient, or am I better off sticking with my car?
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The Fort Worth Water Garden is definitely worth seeing. It's downtown ... a little tricky to find, but if I recall correctly it's right across the street from Texas Wesleyan School of Law.
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I don't recall the name, but there's a wonderful Japanese garden, huge, built in an old rock quarry long ago, that was a complete delight for wandering around one summer day in 100 degree temperatures. It's probably even nicer this time of year.
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Id say hit up Billy Bob's Texas- The worlds largest Honky Tonk.

Fun even if you dont like country music.
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There's a great little TexMex place across the street from the Worthington hotel - can't quite remember the name of it at the moment, but it's the only one there.

The Sixth Floor museum is interesting, and you should also look for the blue 'X' spraypainted on the street, which is supposedly where the limo was when he took the headshot. You can also stand by the fence where the supposed other gunmen were. I've not used the train, but it's not terribly convenient to the West End without a cab, and cabs in Dallas are a supreme ripoff - use your car.
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The Kimball is worth a visit. It's a pretty small museum (and of course, the structure itself is half the draw), but there are a number of other museums right around it, so you could easily make a day of it.
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The Japanese gardens are inside the botanic gardens - one of my favorite places ever.

You've pretty much nailed down the main attractions; the zoo and the gardens are, in my opinion, the most don't-miss (except in January, I'm not so sure. Depends on the weather.).

The train is fine if you're going to stick around downtown Dallas. My husband commuted on the TRE for several years and it's very nice, though the schedule is a little sparse these days.

Guidelive is DFWs main entertainment/event/restaurant lookup, and I use it all the time to find stuff. The Spiral Diner (review) is probably the nicest vegetarian place in a meat-eating town. There's also a couple of Lebanese places that have plenty of meat-free option (Hedary's is light and airy, good for lunch, while Byblos is dark and cozy and has belly dancers in the evenings).

If you're going to the Modern and the Kimbell, spare a few minutes for the Amon Carter, which always has some knockout photography exhibits.
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There is Light Rail to the West End from the TRE. DART
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Dinosaur Valley State Park is about an hour away, if that's your bag.
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The Cowgirl Museum.
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For Mexican food in Fort Worth, Joe T. Garcias ( is an institution.

I'll also second the votes for the Japanese garden and Billy Bobs as well.
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I remember the Dream Cafe in Dallas as being pretty darn good for vegitarian options. I haven't been there in years, but some quick googling shows that it is still a popular place.

2800 Routh Street (behind mall)
Phone: 214-954-0486
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Best veggie food in the metroplex is at Cosmic Cafe in Dallas. Their tomato soup is amazing.

As Lyn said, it's not that hard to take the TRE and lightrail to the west end. For that matter, downtown Dallas isn't very big. You could just walk from Union Station to the West End. (So says someone who has walked from Lakewood in east Dallas to the West End before.)
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If you're a beer drinker, don't miss the Flying Saucer in downtown FW. Free wifi, as well; ask the bartender for the key.
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Response by poster: Wow, I really wasn't expecting so many replies. Thank you to everyone for all the suggestions. I'm going to check out as much as I can and now I'm looking forward to my trip even more.
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I lived in FW for two years and moved (to Austin) about 1 1/2 years ago. If I were to take a friend to FW who had never visited I would for sure go to the Modern Art Museum. The buiding, by Tadao Ando, is a wonder, and the collection is superb. The Kimball, also a great space, and the Amon Carter, are right next door, and very much worth your while. You'll be very surprised at how culturally rich Fort Worth is for a town of its size.

The Water Gardens, downtown, designed by Philip Johnson in the 70's, are also very, very cool; great place for a picnic (as are the Botanic Gardens). While I was there, plans were underway to redesign and jazz up the Water Gardens, but a young girl tragically drowned so I don't know what shape they are in at the mo. Btw, there is a cool scene in Logan's Run that was filmed there.

Spiral Diner is very very good vegan food, and Magnolia Street, upon which it is all up at, is a cute, quaint neighborhood, at least for Texas.

It's so easy to take the TRE (rail) to Dallas, and really cheap. When I lived there I think you could get a day-pass and travel to and from FW to Dallas and all over either city via rail or bus for like $6 bucks or something crazy, maybe even less. I never went to the 6th floor, but, I always of course found it intriguing. I was always more interested in the arts scene in Dallas. If you get to Dallas, t the DMA is very worthwhile, and the Raymond Nasher Sculpture Center, with truly a World Class sculpture collection, across the street, is not to be missed. Seriously. No, really!

Have a great time. Hope I've helped!
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Response by poster: I enjoyed my trip, thanks to all of your suggestions. A few quick notes - the water gardens appeared to be fenced off for renovations, and two more to add to the list of attractions in this thread - Half-Priced Books, and Tarrant County Courthouse.
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