Does Donald Trump have a driver's license?
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Just that: does Donald Trump have, or did he ever have, a driver's license? Can he even drive anything other than a golf cart?

I know he had those pictures taken a couple days ago in a big rig, but that was purely a stationary photo-op. And I also know that the Secret Service won't let the president or vice president drive, even after they're out of office. But in the case of Trump, we're talking a dude who was born with the proverbial silver spoon --- silver? heck, solid gold? --- and I've never seen him in anything less than a chauffeured limo.
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If you google "Donald Trump driver's license" you get a bunch of news stories about how he might have lied about his height on it, unlike anyone else ever 😄
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Here is a photograph of Trump at a gas station in West Palm Beach in 1995, filling up the tank of his Lamborghini.
posted by Daily Alice at 8:46 AM on March 25, 2017 [8 favorites] ran an article back during the election campaign written by a woman who had gone on a single date with Trump back in the early seventies in New York. He drove. But she paid for dinner.
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I believe that his driver's license and record are subject to FOIL (as are most in NY State). Here is a link to the NY DMV page where you can ask.

He has his own plane, so I imagine having his own driver makes sense. It is an efficiency thing. The people I know who have drivers say that they can get work done as a passenger or make phone calls. I know at least 11 people that grew up in NYC that either never got their license or only got it when they had kids and moved to suburbia in their 30s. To me, not having a driver's license in NYC is less of a function of being born to wealth and more of a function of never needing to drive with subways and cabs and black cars. Fwiw, I have played golf at Trump National in Briarcliff and seen the (future) President pull up in an SUV sitting in the shotgun seat. The driver was his golfing partner that day. So no, not only transporting in limos. Also, fwiw, he plays fast and is not as fastidious about counting his strokes as say I am. He does hit his driver straight and for distance.
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This is footage shot by Melania in the backseat of the Rolls while Trump drove (and posted to her twitter).
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Hi! Did you see this exchange in the NYTimes earlier?

HABERMAN: I’ve heard you talk about it, and I take those roads all the time, so —

TRUMP: Whoever the person is that owns that company is a genius salesman. That is the worst garbage. I think it bends by the heat, because not that many cars could possibly hit it. It’s the worst garbage. And I also think it’s dangerous because it’s a spear. And if you hit those things, they come flying apart. And if you’re driving, you’ve got yourself a problem.

THRUSH: Do you drive?

TRUMP: Well, I used to.

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