what's your favorite internet mental break?
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breaking up the day? what are the best five minute 'break' websites you visit?

over the years i find that i'm dwindling down and less ambitious to hunt out those 'best' websites for the five minute mental break like mefi, transbuddha, boingboing, etc. any suggestions, what are your favorites? sfw please.
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(mefi's own) languagehat
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my favorite five minute breaks involve taking a few turns at urban dead. but maybe i just enjoy it because i have a bit of a zombie thing. :-)
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I enjoy overheard in the office, overheard in New York, found magazine, although all of those might have some NSFW language. Oh, and McSweeney's, especially for the lists.
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i made netvibes.com my homepage and scan about 30 rss feeds for whatever the latest crap is
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Gizmodo, for when you want to see something shiny.
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along the same lines as urban dead is travian. I mean I enjoy it.
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Cute Overload
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Cynical - C
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Classic: The Onion.
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Don't hate me, but since nobody's mentioned the obvious, I have to throw out Fark .. the best time waster ever, imho. The discussion there is way more juvenile than MeFi, but the headlines alone are worth it, and the articles linked to are often good reads, hilarious, or both. Just don't click on "boobies" links, and you're safe. Fark's mainpage is sfw.

If you like gizmodo, also try engadget, which I tend to like a bit better despite its less cool sounding name. They often have a lot of the same news stories as each other, though.

If you're a tech nerd, there is the other obvious slashdot.

If you're in need of only a 30 second time waster and a smile, I'd recommend the daily kitten...
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somewhat juvenile mac / windows debates and such, but interestings posts abound.
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whoops, my link causes an error for some reason. I think because I got lazy and didn't put www

the site is www.digg.com
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See also: Stumble Upon, digg, del.icio.us, Overheard in New York, Post Secret, Lifehacker, Everything2 and We Make Money Not Art.

Those first three should link you up to plenty-thousands of sites others think are worthwhile.
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I second twiggy's suggestion of Engadget over Gizmodo, simply because it features Gizmodo's founder, Pete Rojas. And it's got slightly better writing as well.
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Second del.icio.us. Scan home page, reload, scan homepage, reload, scan home page. Don't forget to bookmark all the interesting sites you've discovered this way...
Also, on the same idea as Everything 2, you could try the Wikipedia home page. There are interesting tidbits at the end, and you can always stumble on something you did know by clicking on the "random page" link.
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i like the new science blogs - especially Pharyngula (and the archive at the old site).
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You The Man Now Dog!

The source of many Internet fads and crazes.
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The falling sand game and it's variants on that Japanese blog. But it's perhaps crossing the line from 'mental break' to 'obsession'.
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Flickr, of course.
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It's kind of dorky, but I often scan FatWallet's Hot Deals forum to see if I can get any absurd prices on things.

If you want internet games with great music, beautiful art, and tons of overall cuteness, try Orisinal.com.
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I can't believe that no one has mentioned Gawker.
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Harry - OMG!!!! What have you done, introducing me to the falling sand game???? EVIL!!!
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This is kind of not along the lines others have mentioned, but sometimes I need a break AND a stretch, and I think this Everyday Yoga site has some nice desk stretches.

When I'm just wasting time, I'll third Engadget over Gizmodo. Favorite comics are always nice.
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I second Cuteoverload. Sorta makes me want to squeeze things sometimes...
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sudoku.com.au posts four Sudoku puzzles each day, at four different levels of difficulty. I can generally solve the "Easy" one in under five minutes. You can also save partially solved puzzles if you want to work on the harder ones in five-minute increments. Old puzzles are archived there as well.
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Fractal Recursions - fractal images and animations
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I enjoy Dubious Quality, Bill Harris' sorta-gaming blog. It's consistently entertaining in a low key way, and once in awhile it gets very funny indeed.
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Set Game
Catsthatlooklikehitler.com Go directly to "Best Kitlers"
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. . . jockc, your fractals are amazing. Wow!
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Art Nudes Blog

definitely not porn, but prolly nsfw
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Nothing to do with Arbroath, Neatorama and the indispensible Go Fug Yourself are my fave quickie internet diversions. I have to put flickr in as a longer-term diversion because I just get lost in there....:)
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Web Sudoku (easy level games take about 5 minutes after some practise).
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Oh, I check Comics Curmudgeon just about every day as well.
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I have a Bloglines account with subscriptions to [checks] 123 feeds at present. When I feel like wasting time I just login and click on whichever feed fanceies me. Its like an amalgam of most of the above individual links, though without the opportunity to appreciate their individual web layouts.
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