A fully-formed question for a half-formed thought
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Is there a specific word for a "half-formed thought"? I have been puzzling over it and Google has been no help. I vaguely recall reading something about such a word, but memory is a fickle friend. Does this word exist? If not, are there any close approximations? Thanks all.
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Notion. Mathematicians use the word notion to mean an idea that has not yet been defined in a rigorous way.
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Best answer: Found the answer after going through a notebook from 2 years ago(!), when I first came across it: https://en.m.wiktionary.org/wiki/henid
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rudiment also works. inchoate (as adjective) is my favorite.
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inkling, seconded, although I, too, am a fan of the adjective inchoate (which isn't at all limited to thoughts--I received some pretty inchoate paper drafts this week from my students haha. ONE OF WHOM GOES TO CHOATE ROSEMARY HALL see what I did thurrr).
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