What's Masha Reading?
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Theater folk and Chekhov lovers, what book do you think Masha is reading in Three Sisters?

I'm playing Masha in a new production in rehearsals now. Stage directions in Chekhov's text have her reading in Act I and the director would like me to have a book at hand in other Acts as well. What novel - or even better series of novels - should she be reading? Production is set in modern times, so almost anything is game.

Already rejected are the Neapolitan novels, the Outlander series, and anything by Jane Austen.
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Akhmatova? The timeline is a little bit wrong...
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Since you're going to produce a modern (i.e. "anachronistic") performance, Akhmatova doesn't need to bear the burden of keeping time travel safe, and is OK I think ;)

And I'd try some Eastern-bloc SciFi ;)
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Well obviously My Struggle.
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Miles1972, that is a hilariously spot-on idea. And runcifex, I'm gonna use Solaris. Thank you all!
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In Russian what she's reading is a книжка, a little book, so Knausgård is right out. I myself would vote for Ibsen or Knut Hamsun, both of whom were popular in Russia at the time (turn of the last century) and seem appropriate to Masha's character.
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