Eating and Drinking in Montreal
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I'll be in Montreal on business next week, and would welcome suggestions for good places to eat and drink.

I'll be staying in the Vieux Port area (at the St.Paul) and am looking for reasonably local suggestions.

For drink - microbrew! And for food, anything reasonably healthy, with a bias towards vegetarian.

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Here's a list I do of vegetarian restaurants in Montreal.

Where you're staying, the hot tip of the moment is Lov on McGill on the western edge of Old Montreal. Also on McGill is the Les Sœurs Grises microbrewery which has had good notices.
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Olive et Gourmando is supposed to be very good. Also seconding Les Soeurs Grises.
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We enjoyed Les Pyrénées at 320, St. Paul Ouest (a stone's throw). Not vegetarian, but quite well done.
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It's not super local to you, but Dieu du Ciel at 29 Laurier Ouest is a very good brewpub.
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"Sushi Momo" and "Aux Vivres" are two vegan restaurants I've been to and really enjoyed.
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Seconding Aux Vivres - the vegan brunch is amazing. Chu Chai is another good vegetarian option.
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Thanks to all for the suggestions!

I've heard of Dieu Du Ciel, but normally when I'm in town the weather is trying to freeze this Brit to death, so I haven't ventured that far.

I have been to Les Soeurs Grises before, though, and will be again - if any MeFites fancy meeting for a beer one evening next week, MeMail me.
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Reservations might be hard on short notice, but if you don't mind sitting at the bar Garde Manger makes for a delicious fun, boozy (if you want it that way - I did) dinner.

Pub BreWsky is tucked away in a basement down by the church - it's got amazing local beers, a cozy atmosphere, and really friendly staff.
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I was in Montreal last year, and I can second the suggestions for both Olive et Gourmando and Les Sœurs Grises. I'd add Les 3 Brasseurs (I went to the one on Rue St Paul Est a couple of times) to the list.

Completely against the Vegetarian aspect of your question, I'd also recommend Lattuca Barbeque on De la Commune St W - quirky little place but the food was excellent. If you like meat, that is...

If you're in to board games, we also visited Randolphe Pub Ludique in Quartier Latin - games+food+alcohol. Great combo. It's away from Vieux-Port but it's pretty close to the Metro.
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