I need 11 reasons why turning 65 is a good thing
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My dad is turning 65 in a few weeks and my mom has asked all of us to come up with 11 reasons that turning 65 is a good thing. I am drawing a blank beyond "Seniors discounts". Can mefites with more perspective help me out? They can be silly or serious.
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When the Beatles ask "Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I'm 64?" you can rest confident that you've had a year's worth of evidence that, yes, they will.
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It gets easier and easier to win your age group in anything athletic.
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How about a listing a few inspirational late bloomers? Grandma Moses started painting at 78, and here's a previous question with other examples.

Also, there are some great senior athlete stories out there. One example is that the NYC Marathon includes 65+ (and even 75+) categories.
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When undertaking a difficult challenge at work, his "plan B" can always be "Retire".

Free driver's licenses (in some states).

A freeze on property tax increases (in some communities).

"I'm old and don't feel like it" is a suitable excuse for just about anything he doesn't want to do.
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It beats the alternative.
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Not 66.
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And technically a senior discount, but 65+ Americans can get a lifetime National Parks Pass for $10.
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Many people's great accomplishments were accomplished at age 65 or after: Colonel Sanders started KFC when he was 65, Sir Ranulph Fiennes climbed Everest, Laura Ingalls Wilder started publishing at 64.

You could also look at some of the accomplishments of people in their 70s or older and point out "you still have X years before you start painting like Grandma Moses, or get elected like Nelson Mandela." This would only work if humorous answers are acceptable.

Sources: Ranker, Express, How Stuff Works.
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hella lot better'n NOT
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It beats the alternative.

always the number one reason
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The first 64 years can be rough, but he'll never have to do them again.
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He can now officially be considered a silver fox.
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I should mention that I am in Canada :) No Medicare

These are all awesome
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A 65th anniversary is also know as a sapphire jubilee.
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You know you get at least 65 years of life.
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Oh, if you're in Canada, then Old Age Security and Canada Pension.
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If your dad was a dog he'd only be 9 years old.
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It is now socially permissible (and perhaps even "cute") to fall asleep during boring conversations.

When you get carded now, it's so you can save money, not to deny you a purchase.

You can freely tell your doctors (and anyone else) that you have dress slacks (underwear, grandchildren, whatever) older than they are.

You're obviously doing something right.
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I asked this question a while ago. You might find some useful stuff there.
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A number of airlines offer senior discounts for people aged 65 and older. I suppose its to encourage seniors to travel and vacation more.
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You get to call fifty year olds young whippersnappers, and tell them to get off of your lawn.
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Canada Pension?
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This Carl Jung quote: "The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are"
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If you were a whiskey, you'd be worth $35,000!
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You have a great excuse to share this maths factoid with others all year: 65 = 1 to the power of 5 + 2 to the power of 4 + 3 to the power of 3 + 4 to the power of 2 + 5 to the power of 1.
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I think lists of quotations about old age might help with this - even sentiments that aren't particularly original can be given a fresh spin by great writers. Here's a list of hundreds on GoodReads: https://www.goodreads.com/quotes/tag/old-age?page=3, among which I found this one:

“Parker, I'm old," She said matter-of-factly. "I get away with these things." She continued to wave and smile wildly. "People treat me like an idiot so I'm allowed to act like one from time to time. It's one of the perks.”
― Abby Slovin, Letters In Cardboard Boxes
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In some cities (or at least in Pittsburgh), if you're 65+, you can sign up for a free public transit pass!
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That you're glad he's still around to see you get a year older.
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