What flag/insignia is this, seen at a march in Mexico City?
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Protesters at the Zócalo in Mexico City on March 16, 2017 marched with this white flag depicting a red dot with a white line through it, and (I think) a face. What is this flag, and what were people marching about?

The linked photo is one I took from afar of the march in question. Zócalo marches are frequent enough that it's unlikely this made the news (and my Spanish is crappy enough that I don't trust my skimming of local news). This was the only type of flag or sign I saw. I'd estimate ~400 people were marching. They were shouting and it seemed peaceful. Although police were present with what I would characterize as riot gear, the police didn't look nervous.

Please help, even if what you reveal is going to make me feel extremely foolish.
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The linked photo - no link.
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If you look closely, in the red circle is a face. The protests in the Zócalo last week were related to education. I'm guessing that the flag is a CNTE flag, which are often red and white and feature faces.
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