Rodent control - DIY or hire exterminator?
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Do we need professionals to handle rodent issue? If so - recommendation for rodent control company in the Eastside of Seattle.

We have rodent issue and for the past year, we've had a monthly check done by an exterminator. We do not have a good experience with them - the only thing that they seem to do is place traps and baits. Other contractors doing other unrelated jobs were the ones that had to tell us when there were signs (disturbed crawl space insulation or possible entry points to the crawl space, etc). The only report we've ever gotten from the exterminator is how much bait consumption there was - that was it. As such we terminated their services.

So question:
1. is this a doable DIY project? Seems that for the past year, the only thing done was just traps and bait.
2. If this is something that requires professional expertise, could you guys recommend me a good rodent control company for Eastside Seattle area?
3. feral cats - we found "adopt barn cat" program. For feral cats that cannot be returned via trapped and returned program for whatever reason. Is this a viable option?
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Can you expound on the size of the "issue"?
posted by EmpressCallipygos at 2:05 PM on March 20's rather hard to quantify the issue.

The last few weeks, we've found 3 dead rats around the perimeter of the house.

Before we hired the exterminators, they completely demolished the insulation under the crawlspace. One got stuck inside bathtub and died : leaving rather...interesting odor in the bathroom.
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You can try on your own, but if you're like me, you'll waste time and money, before calling for professional help.

Alpha Pest Control.
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Call around and ask specifically for a pest control person who will locate your home's access points and seal them off, not just cull the (endless supply of) invading critters. And make sure all food items are secured! No reward + hassle entering = your basement buddies searching for a softer target.
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