Peters Projection For Preschool People
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Basically, what it says on the tin. I teach preschoolers and kindergarteners, and would like a fun non-Mercator map that I could use in the classroom. From what I can see on the interwebs, all of the Gall-Peters projection maps out there are aimed at older kids and adults. What I'd like is one of those fun, colorful world maps for kids that has pictures of what a country/region is known for scattered about. Does such a thing exist?
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This one is a nice South-up map with flags, which is something I absolutely encourage pushing on young children for several reasons:

1. Improves spatial reasoning. They'll see a lot of North-up maps, and reconciling North-up and South-up improves their mental rotation and mental imaging skills.

2. Helps later understanding of concepts about gravity and space (there is no up, South can be up just as well as North can be up) as well as direction and physics (why North is North, not necessarily up) and can spur discussion about these things.

3. Reduces some biases related to the prominence of countries on the map. Lots of projections make the industrialized west look (to people who read left to right and up to down) like the biggest and most powerful and most important places, almost subconsciously. South-up shakes that impression up a bit and gives prominence to some places that don't normally attract so much focus.

I wasn't able to find any South-up maps that have the little pictures on them, but if you get a nice big one, you could print little pictures of some "famous things" and stick them to the map? I've been a classroom teacher so I know what a hassle that really is, but it would work.
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Here you go! There's a USA version also.
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Not a direct answer, but I strongly encourage you not to use a Gall-Peters projection. In trying to correct the Mercator's (serious) flaws, it simply substitutes its own also-horrible flaws.

I recommend one of the projections that try to balance the various inherent problems of a projection into a compromise, like Kavrayskiy VII, Tobler Hyperelliptical, or Winkel Tripel. The classic Robinson would also be OK and probably easier to find as a wall hanging.

(And yeah, my desktop background is a south-up map.)
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(Not a physical map, but my 5 year old loves dragging and dropping countries and seeing how they change size as you move them towards and away from the equator on this page-
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This is maybe Peters and adorable.

Can't really guess what projection this is, not mercator tho.

I just searched "map poster kids" on etsy. There are a lot.
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