Nook HDplus - how to transfer files?
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Hello, all! I have a NookHDplus I bought about five years ago, and would like to transfer files to it, but am having a hard time figuring out how to do so from my Mac.

So when I plug the Nook HDplus into my Mac laptop via USB cable, it doesn't have any kind of drag-and-drop functionality. Instead, the Nook device, when opened in my Mac's finder, contains one single file: "MyNOOK Setup.html".

When I click on that to open it, it loads a page with only this:
Welcome to MyNOOK Setup.
MyNOOK Setup is a one-time installation that will allow you to tranfer your personal files to your NOOK.
Transferable files include, but are not limited to: photos, music, videos, EPUB, PDF and Microsoft Office files.
Note: Copyright protected files are not transferable
To install, go to
For more information, visit
When I try going to the mynooksetup page on the web, I get this page, which is unhelpful; I think back in the day (based on other similar queries online) it once led to a piece of software called "MyNOOKSetup.dmg", which seems to have been a proprietary Barnes And Noble program for transferring files onto a NookHDplus.

Is there a place I can still get that file? If not, is there a way I can transfer files onto the nook with the ease I would transfer files onto a USB drive?

(I'm aware this is a pretty old device, but I have it lying around, and would love to actually be able to use it, even though it seems like Barnes And Noble is, at this point, a dying company that no longer supports its products)
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When I had a NookHD, I used a combination of Calibre and Calibre Companion to wirelessly transfer (non-DRM) epubs to the device. You might find some more specific help in the Nook and Calibre forums at
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I don't have a Nook, but maybe try this?
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So you can see the Nook on your desktop but if you try to drag a file in to it, what happens? Have you tried right-clicking on it, going in to Get Info and checking "Sharing and permissions" to make sure it's not somehow locked?

The Nook only works via MTP (a special way to transfer files) and I'm not sure if that works with Callibre. If so, then you are set for books, it's a nice application. If not, you have to get MTP drivers on your machine. You could do something complicated like this or shareware-y and expensive like this. So I'd suggest checking permissions and Callibre before deciding how deep you want to get into this. Looks like a thing other people are trying to do also.
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If you install ES File Explorer on the Nook you can enable ftp file transfer or connect over your network. I'm doing it on a Nook ST so I know it will work for a more modern device. It works great and you don't have to plug anything into anything.

I just remembered I'm running some non-Nook OS so I should mention that you'll probably need Play Store (Market) access to get ES File Explorer. It's probably not in the Nook Market (or whatever it's called).
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It looks like Android File Transfer for Mac is the thing, maybe (via jessamyn's "expensive" link).

Calibre is definitely worth a shot too.
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Thanks, all! Unfortunately, a lot of the suggestions in this thread were ones I'd found online and didn't work for some reason. However! the ES File Explorer program worked very well indeed! Thank you, irisclara!
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