Vacation ideas for mid-April?
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Considering an extended weekend getaway to Arches/Canyonlands, Baja California, or somewhere else.

My girlfriend and I would like to take a trip mid-April somewhere warmish (ideally highs of at least 70s) for an extended weekend vacation. We would be flying from New York City and Chicago. We would like to keep the cost reasonable (we are both pretty frugal) and would mostly like to focus on outdoor activities and relaxing. We like nature, hiking, snorkeling, kayaking, windsurfing, generally doing outdoor things.

A couple of places that we have thought about are:

1) Flying into Salt Lake and driving to Arches National Park/Canyonlands/Moab

2) Flying into Cabo San Lucas and then driving up the coast and renting a house. (How safe is Baja California now? Any recommendations for places to stay/visit?

3) Flying into Austin and going to some live music shows and hiking in the surrounding state parks.

I was also interested in the Grand Canyon but the lodges like Phantom Ranch look like they book fully a year ahead of time.

Any thoughts on these ideas or other recommendations? Recommendations for places to stay or things to do?
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Re Baja, it's very safe if you aren't in the drug business.

If you want to snorkel and kayak, you should be thinking of the eastern coast, probably, especially since you want it to be warm. If you stayed in La Paz, for instance, you can drive up to Playa Balandra for swimming and some excellent snorkeling. And hiking--there are ridgeline trails that connect Balandra with another beach further north, El Tecolote. You can take a tour out to Los Islotes and snorkel with wild sea lions. The water isn't exactly warm yet, but it's not cold, either.

I've seen people kite surfing in Bahía de La Paz but I don't know if they rented the gear or brought their own. A couple of places you could check with in La Paz would be Harker Boards (SUP rentals and awesome burgers and pizza) and Anroga Sports. The big place for kite surfing is Los Barriles, about 70 miles from La Paz.

Accommodations range from extremely reasonable to as much as you want to pay. Memail me if you want the number for someone who specializes in long and short term accommodations in the area.
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Seconding La Paz in Baja. Too late for the whales but maybe take a trip to some of the nearby islands for spectacular hiking/wildlife. Only downside to this trip would be the long flight time.

I wouldn't go to Austin, there's a good chance the weather could still be cold and unpleasant at that time.

Salt Lake is still cold in April. I would fly into Vegas instead and go to Zion and Bryce Canyon. Much less time spent flying/driving, more time vacationing.
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La Paz is going to be more expensive but it's worth it. I did a sea kayak trip around Espiritu Santo and it was outstanding. And it was in the March/April timeframe. I also did a camping trip in Arches and Canyonlands around the same time period. Much cooler, and 40 mph winds kicked up on day 2 of our trip. After spending a night eating grit that blew through our tent, we cut the trip short early. So, I vote La Paz.
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