Help me tell someone how to prounounce my name
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In a couple of months, I will get my B.S. in geography. I must register online for graduation. The form has a space to indicate the phonetic pronunciation of my name. I have no idea how to do this in a concise way.

My first name is Maurreen. Wikipedia has a pronunciation key of /mɔːˈriːn/. But I expect few people could read that. I pronounce the first syllable to rhyme with “car.” But the traditional pronunciation, like “more”, is fine also. So maybe that could be written as “Morene.”

My last name, Skowran, is more trouble. The first syllable rhymes with “cow.” The second syllable sounds like “run.”

How can I sum that up concisely?
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the pronunciation keys have never been useful for me either, even if I understand it or already know the pronunciation.

For yours though, marr-reen skow-run ? If i saw that I'd probably be pretty close.
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Basically what ish said, but I would also capitalize the stressed syllables:


(or however you stress it - I'm assuming)
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Do you have a Facebook profile?

If you go to your profile page, under Intro (just below your profile photo), and select edit; it lets you choose the correct pronunciation of your name. Then it spells that out phonetically, in plain English. Copy and paste it elsewhere as needed.
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"Phonetic" spellings are a minefield.

If there's room, I'd do "Skowran rhymes with cow-run." IME the people reading names are often rattled enough that they ignore or botch the phonetic representations (or the phonetic representations are useless because they are so subjective). So brace yourself for mispronunciation no matter how good the solution you come up with.

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My company writes academic competition questions that get read aloud, so we have to include a lot of pronunciation guides that are supposed to be accessible to neophytes. Based on how we do things, I'd write [maw-REEN "SCOW-run"] or [mah-REEN "SCOW-run"], where the enquoting indicates "pronounce like the normal English words". I guess I'm not sure how well known the word "scow" is, but I think the correct pronunciation is going to be a good guess anyway.

You could also say something like "Maurreen is pronounced the same as Maureen" (which I think most people know how to pronounce, although it sounds like you do the first syllable a little differently) "and Skowran rhymes with 'COW-run'".
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I keep reading "skow-run" to rhyme with "low-run", so another vote for "rhymes with cow-run" from me.
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This doesn't help you write it down, but at my college graduation, you said your name to the announcer guy right before walking, so he knew for sure how to pronounce it. You might ask (whoever you send the card to) if that's something they do.
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Definitely give the emphasis for your first name as there are multiple ways to stress it and US/UK pronunciation split. ("Marine" vs "MORE-een")
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I'd add the S from your last name onto the end of your first name...that way, there's no ambiguity about how the COW part of your last name should be pronounced:

MORE-een's COW run
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