Asthma Cat needs a new online pharmacy
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Flovent inhalers are outrageously expensive in the U.S. for cats who neglected to sign up for health insurance. I used to order mine from a Canadian company without issue for years... then they moved to Vanuata. Nothing against the beautiful islands, but it raised a bit of red flag. I'm seeking a reputable online pharmacy to order Flovent/Flixotide inhalers - Sirius Black has a prescription. Previous questions related to this topic are pretty old, so seeking more current information.
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I wouldn't be too concerned about the Vanuatu pharmacy. A gastro doc I see actually recommends a .vu pharma for meds not available in the US. I definitely understand the trepidation, though.

Just FYI...The last time I ordered from a non-US pharmacy, they could no longer accept US credit cards. I had to use an e-check. It seems this is a new thing.
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My mother's doctor recommended Northwest Pharmacy. We've used it without problems. The shipping is both slow and expensive, but that may be normal for a Canadian pharmacy shipping to the US.
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I've used Big Mountain Drugs for over 5 years now with no complaints. I get the generic versions for both Proventil and Symbicort. The 6 month suppy of Salbutamol (proventil generic) is $75 USD, and a 3 month supply of Budesonide/Formoterol ( Symbicort generic) is $79 USD. The former takes about 15 days for delivery to Maine, the latter about 21 days. I order when I crack open the last box, and I get them in plenty of time. I did have to switch to a Capital One CC, after my Mastercard was declined for overseas purchases of meds. My Dr. checked them out thoroughly before sending the prescription. Here in the USA, a one month's supply of the two was close to $300 without prescription coverage.
EDIT: you can also check for availability and pricing without signing in /or up.
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We used Canada Pharmacy. They are great.
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I have been using the same Vanuatu pharmacy as you, I presume, and everything seems great. No one has stolen my banking info. I had a vet look at the meds and he thought they were legit. My asthma kitty doesn't have asthma symptoms so the meds are doing their job.
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We use
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I used to get my asthma kitty's Flovent from Canada until I got a notice from the FDA that they were cracking down on online pharmacies. Godspeed to you folks. I'm paying $230 for one inhaler now. :-(
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FWIW I lived in Vanuatu for 3 years and the price for my regular prescription was exponentially lower there than anyplace else I've lived. Chiming in that it's probably legit.
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Dorkydancer, that's about the best price I could find stateside, and it SUCKS.

I want to thank you all for the feedback! I appreciate the alternates to Vanuatu, but it seems to have a more than satisfactory reputation.
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