Can you recommend games for my three kids?
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I'm looking for game recommendations for my three kids, aged 8, 6, and 3. I have some very specific parameters...

We already have lots of games the whole family can play, but I'm looking for more games that fit these criteria:

1. Can be played either by one child, or by two or three
2. Has minimal set-up, and can be set up independently by the kids (so games like Don't Break The Ice are out)
3. No apps (we already have plenty of those)

Bonus points if there are games that can grow with the kids. These are games that I'm going to keep out in a toy box for the kids to grab, play on their own, and put away.

Their current favorites are Yeti In Spaghetti and Spot It. Surely there are more games like these out there!
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Hoot owl hoot
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The Secret Door (basically a memory game that can be played solo or cooperatively). Perfection also works alone or with many hands.
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Sushi go
No speed limit
Skip bo
The card game of Pictureka

The Junior versions of Catan and Carcassonne- may be slightly ahead for 3 year old but I've played both with young kids
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this website lets you search games for your specifications
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The Three Little Pigs game is really one player, but could be done cooperatively, if they share well.
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Sleeping Queens is a fun game that works as well with two players as four. It's not difficult to set up, but they may manage to lose some cards if they're doing it all themselves (still playable anyways). Your 3 year old may need help with addition, but if they play with cards visible at first, should work fine. My daughter has enjoyed playing this for five or six years now (she's ten).
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You could try Splendor, it's basically colors and counting (once you teach them how to play a couple times).
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If they can play with dice without losing/swallowing them (or you could buy jumbo dice), Double Shutter might be fun.
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Card and Go Seek is a ton of fun!!
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I would definitely recommend Meteor, although not for the 3 year old.

Meteor is a game about frantically combining cards to shoot rockets at meteors. It goes from 1-5 players and has a 5 minute time limit (for the entire game). You can easily skip some of the rules to make the game more beginner friendly, and there are extra cards and rules if you want an advanced version.
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Spot It! or one of its many many variants (Disney, sports, pokemon, whatever) absolutely fits the bill.
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Every Gamewright game I've ever played with children has been a big hit. Two have already been recommended in this thread-Sleeping Queens and Sushi Go. I would especially recommend Story Cubes.
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Go Fish
Apples to Apples
Scrabble Slam
3D Tic-Tac-Toe
Connect 4
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