PDF resolution problems on Kindle Fire HD?
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I'm trying to read a black-and-white manga title on my newish Kindle Fire, and experiencing apparent resolution problems that make it hard to read- areas of grey show up as a kind of screentone moire pattern. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

The files in question are PDFs of Knights of Sidonia bought from Humble Bundle, and the Kindle is an 8" Fire HD 8. The PDFs were batch-added to the Kindle from my Macbook with the Android File Transfer utility- is it possible that there's a step somewhere that's causing either Android File Transfer or the Kindle's own software to downscale what looks like a black and white document to save space? Color pages seem unaffected, for what it's worth, and I doubt it's an inherent limitation of the device's display.
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Have you tried zooming in to maximum magnification? If it looks different at different magnifications, could it be that regions that are already dithered manually by the artist in the original PDF are being re-dithered by some kind of automatic display mechanism? If this sounds plausible based upon how it behaves, I would look for some sort of dithering control in the app or device's settings.
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Perhaps try another PDF viewing app? They may render images slightly differently.
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A theory: The black-and-white pages were scanned in 1-bit color (black and white only), like a fax document. When the Kindle is displaying them, it's not bothering to resample the image to an appropriate size (or it is resampling, but then crushing everything back down to 1-bit color), which gets you hella aliasing.

Solutions: Convert them to 8-bit grayscale (hard) or use a better PDF viewer (easier).
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