A speaker by any other name?
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What's a nickname for the speakers on a stereo?

I know old school headphones are sometimes called "cans" and there has to be similar nicknames for speakers, but being neither an audiophile or someone who's down with the slang, I'm at a loss.

I'm not looking for the most widely used nickname. In fact, outdated, quirky or uncommon slang would probably be cooler for what I'm writing.

Thanks much.
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I've overheard the cool kids call them "cones"
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"Monitors"? That's more on the audiophile side.
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subwoofers / woofers / tweeters (corresponding to the various types of speakers for the different ranges)
"twelves" or "tens" or "six by nines" (normally referring to car speakers)
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The primary speakers in a surround sound setup are often called "mains".
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I dunno.
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Bins. Bit they have to be big.
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erm, 'but'.
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"Left" and "Right".

If rather than a stereo, it's a home theatre system, then Front-left, centre, well you get the idea :-)
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A friend of mine calls them pushers or movers because they push/move air.
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speakers (AFAIK)

monitors are a type of speaker.

cones, drivers etc. refer to the individual speaker drivers in the speaker enclosure or to parts thereof.

mains and satellites etc. refer to speakers within a particular position.

grills are the things in front of the drivers.

Cans is a British term. The Brits call tubes valves if you care.
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Urban Dictionary has bumps. (They have a few other citations, esp. for car systems: six by nine, brace and bassbins.)
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"On the Tannoy" is a britishy way of saying "on the PA". In the home HiFi sense, "the speaks" is about it. If you wanted to be brand specific, you could mention Lowther, Quad, Altec, ElectroVoice, Bozak, etc. More ideas here.
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isn't Tannoy a brand too, (one that often pairs well with triodes)?
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Tannoy is a brand. I have a nice pair of studio monitors.
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2 way 8 inch monitor.
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sealed or ported
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Buckets or bins if they're big enough.
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Used more frequently with amps, the term 'cabs', meaning a speaker cabinet is often used.
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