Name that movie!
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I'm looking for a movie I saw (OnDemand on Time Warner Cable in Los Angeles) within the past 15 years.

Details I can remember:
--It's a dark comedy and very well done.
-- A housewife and her best friend, also a woman, tie up one of their husbands in an attempt to get money out of him. It goes badly, he ends up dead, and they try to dispose of the body using the kitchen implements at hand. I remember a blender and an electric knife. Things got a tad messy. There are a couple of thugs (I think) who are also looking for the money. The plot gets more complicated when the local sheriff drops by. The sheriff is played by a pretty well known male actor. I remember being surprised to recognize him. In the end, everybody but the housewife and the sheriff is dead or gone for good, --SPOILER-- and she runs off with the sheriff. They had been plotting together all along.
-- All this takes place in a double wide mobile home out on its own in the desert somewhere.
-- At some point a woman has a head full of curlers with a scarf tied around it, naturally.
Any ideas, MetaFilter?
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Yep, that's it.
Ray Liotta. And Val Kilmer! Who knew?
Now to find where it's playing ...
Thank you, Benadryl.
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