Netflix: What movie is MOVIE
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Can I get the title of a movie/show based on a no-longer-available Netflix show's ID?

When I saw that Netflix was dropping stars for ratings I exported my ratings using a greasmonkey script. The script exports the netflix ID, the title, the rating, and the date of the rating. It turned out that some of these movies just say "MOVIE" instead of an actual title probably because the movie is no longer available for streaming. If I go to the movie page it doesn't actually say what movie it is (for example). I was able to determine that movie was Interstellar because of the reviews, which are still available. Is there a better way to find out the titles of stuff I've watched based on the IDs?
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Try[id]. For example gets you a page for Interstellar.
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By jove I think you've got it!
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