Simple Drag+Drop file uploader that works like a regular file uploader
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I'm looking for a simple drag+drop file uploader script that works like a regular file uploader instead of "instant upload" I was using jquery.filer and I swear it was working in the way that I want it to but at some point yesterday it stopped working for no apparent reason and the documentation says it doesn't work like that ( I'm 99.9% certain it did, I feel like I'm going mad!)

I have a form for uploading images, it has a series of single file upload inputs. I want to be able to drag an image file into the box and have the file input work like a regular file input (ie. the file comes through with the form submit rather than being sent to a separate upload script via ajax).
The form also needs to accept multiple new images, I'd like to be able to upload multiple files to a single "new image" drop zone and again, I don't want them sent to a separate upload script, I just want to be able to submit the form like normal.

Does such a thing exist? Is there a reason why it can't exist?
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This is not allowed. If JavaScript had the power to populate file fields, then a bad guy could easily make a form that secretly uploads your /etc/password or your .ssh/id_dsa.
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Drag and drop file detection is part of HTML5, though browser support is not universal. Here's an example implementation for using it to upload files and providing a fallback option:
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Jquery-FileUpload has a setting to wait until a button is pressed.
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