Help me match a bed frame to my furniture?
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My partner and I need a new queen bed frame. Our bedroom furniture is a tricky color and we're having trouble finding one that will make sense. Help? Some requirements within...

We have two dressers and a nightstand from this set. The color is an interesting shade of charcoal-gray-dark-brown that we like, but they didn't make a bed to match and other companies' versions of this color are different. We are stuck and need some new ideas. Some of our thoughts:

1. We don't have a box spring, so a platform bed is best.

2. Between two cats, a toddler and our preferences, leather or upholstered headboards are a big no. We aren't against metal frames but ARE against the kind of metal frame that makes horrible noises every time you move.

3. Our style is a lot like this furniture - simple straight or curved lines and not a lot of flourishey bits.

4. We do not have infinite money, but let's pretend we do so we can get some style ideas to chase after.

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I've been working on a similar dilemma - too much wood/solidity in a bedroom and the furniture is antique so tough to match.

How about something like this?
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We have this thing, which works very well and does not make noise (at least on a carpeted floor - I'm not as sure how it would do on a hard floor). We have one of those bed-in-a-bag beds, so also no box frame. Obviously it is nothing fancy, but seems to get the job done in terms of being sturdy, staying in place (at least on carpet, we have never had it slide around or push away from the wall), etc. Because it is non-bulky, there is also tons of space for under-bed storage, which is something we really use. Also the price is right. :)
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I have this one. It is solid as a rock, it isn't making any noise going on 6 years now. I think it would nice with that furniture, especially with some pops of color in textiles.
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If you do go with just a bed frame and would like to add a headboard, the trick is to mount it *to the wall* and not the bed frame itself. You could certainly get away with the common DIY of buying a hollow core door and painting it to match / compliment your furniture.
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This bed has been very well reviewed. I've been eyeing it for myself for ages.
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Crate and Barrel Steppe Bed

Crate and Barrel Dawson Clove Sleigh Bed

Houzz Cairo Platform Bed

Or, to avoid being too matchy-matchy, maybe an iron bed frame coated in an antique bronze finish, to pick up the drawer pulls for a more pulled together/clean look?
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So I suggest this in heather gray. We got our bed from Wayfair and have been SO PLEASED with it.

So I chose this as an option for you because:
1. No box spring needed.
2. I think the lighter gray will go well with the furniture you already have since looking at the picture of it, it seems like a more cool toned gray.
3. The hardware on the furniture is a little curved and I think mimicking that in the frame will help pull the room together. A squared off boxy piece might be too severe for what you already have.
4. This frame has good reviews and when I shop on Wayfair, I always look at reviews since they just have so many products and it's hit and miss.
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Ahhhhh or this too!
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Can vouch for the CB2 Alchemy bed. It's basically ideal: minimal enough to go with most decor styles and color palettes, enough of a statement to look like you actually *thought* about what frame to buy, no box spring needed, super solidly constructed.
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I have this CB2 Alpine frame and it's been great. The tiny ledge on top is great for placing a book or small object away. The slanted headboard section is great for sitting up in bed and leaning back because there's a comfortable slant. It's got clean lines and it doesn't squeak. It's a platform bed, so it's low, but I'm very happy with it. I also am someone who constantly impales my shins on corners on other beds with no footboard, but I haven't done it once with this one.
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The parsons bed by Room and Board would match your style well without being too matchy match. Also, this bed has a reputation for being incredibly durable and not squeaky.
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