Practice under test conditions
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Writing practice tests: Quiet place, check. Timer, check. Proctor?


I try to write practice tests/midterms/exams under the expected conditions. That is: in a relatively quiet place and timed. However, what actually gets to me during exams is neither noise nor (usually) time, but the monitoring of the proctors as they walk around the room. I am not entirely sure why this makes me nervous. Anyway, I'm seeking

1) tips on ignoring them or ideally

2) ways to imitate/simulate having eyes on me while writing tests

Thanks in advance.
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Take the test in a public place. People are curious by nature so if you sit in the high traffic areas plenty of people will walk by to see what you're doing.
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I don't know if this helps, but my friends and I proctor the SAT and ACT. All we care about is making sure we follow the scripts 100% completely and that nobody is cheating by having their phone out. Then we make grocery lists, grade papers, read books, and get really bored.

Proctors are most definitely not looking at your test, nor do they care about what you've answered. Seriously, we're just there for the easy money.
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Some libraries have open study tables that are in areas that people walk through periodically. That might be worth a try.

Or, hey, if you have a friend who likes libraries, buy them a latte and get them to spend 3 hours in the library with you. They can just sit somewhere else and read/study/use the wifi, and then cruise by periodically. I would totally do this for a friend if they asked.
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Seconding ask a friend. I would 100% do this for someone. In fact, maybe try Mefi jobs?
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I have to agree with the recommendation of a public library. When I was studying for the bar exam I took the full 3-day test 3 times, week after week - and did so at the public library. Not only was it helpful for endurance, but it also helped me learn to focus. I have a hard time with distraction in moments when I need quiet, and I too have been distracted by proctors. The public library was in a major city and filled with many people. Good luck!
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