Where is this chess set from?
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I ran across this chess set recently and would really like to track down where it's from. There were no other identifying marks or labels that I could see.
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This picture is the very closest example of a medieval-style polystone set I could find, compared to the photo you posted. Apparently, it is available on Hayneedle.

Hope this helps!
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Best answer: This eBay listing looks similar:
medieval chess set
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Best answer: Looks like the Hayneedle link above goes to main page; try this link

There's also a similar style through Amazon (on preview looks like eBay one above)

Unfortunately, going by the king and ponies, they don't look like the exact set you're looking for.
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(Thank you for including the more precise link to the Hayneedle site, lesser weasel! I should have thought to do so, mea culpa. ) :)
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If you also want checkers and a fancy board with storage, try this.
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Response by poster: Thanks Amor Bellator, mu, and lesser weasel! While not the exact set, they look darn close and give me a manufacturer to start with. Thanks much!
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