Dress me in your finest, pocketed clothes.
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I'm looking for casual dresses, skirts, shorts and capris for the 30-something-woman student who hates shopping. Absolute requirement: POCKETS.

I live in Honolulu, and would like to extend my wardrobe a bit beyond the jeans-and-graphic-tee staples that I currently sport (mostly due to being incredibly hot all the time).

But, I just can't handle clothing without pockets anymore! I carry a keycard for work, plus my phone, and every time I wear my nice J-crew black crop pants with fakey pockets, I'm a sizzling mass of frustration (mostly because I end up accidentally locking myself out of my office).

I'm amenable to different styles, although dresses can be difficult sometimes because I bike every day and it's often windy here. I'm petite overall, with a long torso/short legs and curvy hips. I'm a PhD student, so I can't afford anything too extravagant, but will pay for things that last. My fashion goals are something along these lines: casual, cute and functional.

Please, hit me up with stores that sell decent quality, not terribly expensive, pocketed clothing, or actual items that you've bought and loved! I know pants/capris shouldn't be as much of a challenge, but somehow I haven't had much luck in my search recently. Bonus points for online order capability.
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Lands' End makes ponte sheath dresses that have two full sized pockets!
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I was going to recommend those Lands End ponte sheath dresses too - they're pretty basic and you can funkify them up with cute cardigans or whatever. I have maybe seven of them? It's a problem. They're always introducing new colors and patterns, and at any given time have the previous season's available at clearance prices.
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betabrand.com has pockets on ALL of their dresses.
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I have a couple of the Land's End dresses. They have a downside: they are so short that I find I can't sit comfortably (i.e., without having my knees pressed together), and also if it's cold I feel cold seats on the backs of my legs.

Also: check the _size_ of pockets of things you shop for. Teeny little key/card pockets do not cut it for many days (or phones).
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I have never found a specific brand that reliably provides pockets, but for dresses and skirts I have had the best luck with "fit and flare" styles (you can always wear them with slipshorts for biking). A few specific dresses I like:
LOFT dress
Boden Dress
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I asked a question about finding skirts with pockets. I'm plus size, but some of the answers will apply to you as well. It's here.
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Eshakti.com does pockets in everything and it's made to measure so things will fit your frame.
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The Pixie Pant from Old Navy has normal pockets in front (small but functional). I have a similar build to you and they suit me well and have held up well. (I wash all my work clothes on cold, gentle and hang to dry tho.) They might even have real back pockets that are basted shut but I can't remember.

My workaround for when my dress, skirt or pants don't have pockets is a blazer or sweater with pockets. This could be less feasible for your climate? Check for real pockets on the blazers before you buy--they're almost always gently stitched (basted) shut. (This type of stitching will gap easily and is meant to be removed, that's how you can tell. Sorry if I'm explaining something you already know.) Cheapish but good enough blazer brands I recommend: H&M, Forever21 and Halogen at Nordstrom's. I wash all these on cold and hang to dry despite "dry clean only" instructions and it's been fine.
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I just got back to Hawaii after moving away for school for a couple of years and realized I didn't have any clothes I could wear in the fucking February heat. Tbh I just went to Ala Moana and got dresses with pockets from Gap and shorts from American Eagle. Not overly expensive, comfy, can order online, and cute.
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I've found Uniqlo to be a good source of clothing with pockets, including pajama pants. I didn't realize I needed pockets in my pajama pants until I got a pair with them and then it was "Of course!" The item description will mention if the item has pockets.

I've found Uniqlo dresses that are above the knee on the model are below the knee for petite, pear-shaped me.
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I own this blazer and it's great: Mural curve blazer
I've bought similar to this at H&M.

Cardis that might work:
-Similar at Old Navy: 1, 2
-Halogen long line
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Nthing E-shakti. Gotta love having it made to fit you exactly, and the pockets are not just there, they're huge! I could put an ipad mini in one no problem.
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A lot of eShakti's stuff is not to my taste, but I am eyeing this spaceship pattern dress, which has pockets and can be altered to have sleeves.
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Boden is expensive but high quality. Full sized pockets in everything. It's the best.
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Maybe more casual / outdoorsy / worky than you're looking for, but Duluth Trading Company is crazy with the pockets. I have a few shirts and a vest from them, and am pleased.
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These pants have seven pockets! Including a Pokey Things Pocket!
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Passion Lilie is a New Orleans shop that is owned/operated by a friend of a friend. All of her clothes have pockets, and it's a fair trade business!
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Most of Effie's Heart dresses have pockets. I have a number, and I love them!
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I have this problem too and have alleviated it some by getting a tiny retractable lanyard and clipping my card to my belt loops. No pockets but also no need to carry a card around.
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The eshakti items I've bought seemed very cheap. Their sizing, even on custom items was off. I wouldn't recommend them.

My staple lighweight cardigans are jcrew factory clare cardigans. They go on sale frequently.
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I get around this problem by getting pocket belts. Etsy is a good place to look for those.
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I love the Madison skirt from Lularoe-you can google to find someone selling them near you. Sold online or through house parties only which is annoying but I have been really happy with the quality.

Title Nine makes a lot of great clothes with pockets, including skirts and dresses. I love their stuff and it's great for your climate, but it's not cheap.
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Also came in to say Title Nine. New season offerings are pricey but you can check their clearance section from time to time.

I often shop on Zappos and (more often) it's clearance site 6pm.com. Last year I randomly bought a pair of Jag shorts and they are like the bestest shorts I've ever worn in my life. I went back and bought all the colors. Pockets big enough to be functional, just a bit of stretch to make them comfy, and a longer inseam (7 or 9", I can't remember now) so I don't have that annoying thing where I have to pull the hem of my shorts down off of my thighs all the time. Zappos is great because of the free shipping both ways. 6pm has free shipping to you, but shipping is a little pricey on returns so I usually only buy from them if I'm *really* sure.
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Y'all are amazing. Thank you! Definitely some pretty pocketed dress purchases in my near future.

Re: the blazers - I won't be able to hack it outside in one without becoming a sweaty mess, but this is still an excellent idea because air conditioning is A Thing here and layers are key.

Also, oh my gosh, yes, pyjamas with pockets. I don't know how I carried stuff around the house before buying my current pair from the men's section of Old Navy. Although I do wash a lot more tissues now.
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I got this short-sleeved dress with pockets the other day and I love it. Really comfortable and good for warm weather, with big pockets. And cheap!

That brand does lots of dresses with pockets, like this one, too.
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I've never used them because they don't deliver to Europe, but I have a friend who swears by eShakti. The clothes are customisable, and most of them if not all of them have pockets.
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I live in men's cargo shorts all summer. The right fit still looks good on this lady.
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