Bicycling for a year
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Does anyone know of a comic, online or otherwise detailing the story of someone who starts commuting by bicycle in Winter, discovers cycling subculture in the summer, but discovers themselves once again riding solo come Winter?
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To be clear, are you looking for something you think exists, or something you hope exists?
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I don't have any specific memory of a comic like that but it sounds a lot like something that would have been a Yehuda Moon strip
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It sounds like pretty typical reality, not a story. In the Northeast, group or social riding drops off in cold weather, and even casual rides are short and may not be fun, but commuting knows no off-season.
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Is it one of the Bikeyface strips?
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Response by poster: Ooof, you got me filthy! It's a comic I hope exists. Asking on behalf of a friend.
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I'd say that if it's not already a Yehuda Moon or Bikeyface thread, it's something you'll have to draw for yourself.
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Best answer: Sauceome comic strip features learning to ride a bike through all weather. Quite inspirational.
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Response by poster: I think you had it, rebent.
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