Delaware Water Gap
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Where to go and what to do in Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area? Or other suggestions for hiking/camping on the route from NH to VA.

We'd like to add a 24-hour adventure to a 11-hour drive from Portsmouth NH to southern VA. I think the Delaware Water Gap region is the place to do it but other suggestions are welcome.

We would take 209 from Milford south so as to follow the river, so any suggestions anywhere along the route are welcome. Or other scenic routes. We are strong hikers, no kids. We went to the Lakota Wolf Preserve with kids years ago so don't want to do that. We'll have bikes too so although a hike is preferable, we'd welcome recommendations for shuttles so we could do a rail/trail ride.

Camping suggestions welcome too. We are pulling a trailer w/a popup but don't need water/electric hookups.

Also taking recommendations for restaurants/brewpubs/touristy things we ought to do in the towns along the way.
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Check out Worthington State Forest if you want mountains, the section of the AT that runs through there is really pretty.

The Pine Barrens in NJ is also beautiful. I've only done a canoe trip, but there are a ton of camping options, and it would also be a nice landscape for a bike trip.
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If you have time, taking the Skyline Drive detour (just south of DC, then cutting back east on I64 to get back to whatever you're using to continue into South VA) is an incredible drive. Although some of that depends on when you're doing this. It does cost a little cash, but so very worth it for hiking/camping/just driving.
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There is an embarrassment of riches, really.

Stokes State Park is also in the NW corner of NJ. I remember it from Boy Scouting in my youth. We also did white water canoeing on the Delaware up somewhere near there.

Farther south, there is canoeing and tubing on the Delaware between New Hope and Trenton.

On the Hudson River, there is Bear Mountain State Park.

Your route takes you withing striking distance of the high points of three states: MA, CT, and NJ. (Not that the high point of CT is anything to write home about.)

On the PA side of the Water Gap are the Poconos. Honeymoon resorts aside (if there still are any), it's a popular vacation area. You may find that some of the ski areas in the general area, e.g. Camelback offer hiking and other amusements. Similar comments probably also apply to the Catskills. The Appalachian Trail in NE PA might be worth a look.
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