Can't touch this hammer (bench)
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Can you identify this toy hammer/pounding bench I had as a child, and if not, can you recommend a close substitute?

I had a beloved toy as a child that I now know is called a hammer bench, or pounding bench. Basically, you have a bench with pegs in holes that you can pound with the toy hammer, then flip it around and hammer the pegs down again, on and on ad infinitum. I loved it, and now I want my kid to have it. Problem is, I can't find the exact one I had.

The one I had:
- Yellow bench
- Blue pegs in the shape of soldiers
- The soldiers had heads on both ends a la playing card royalty
- The soldiers were stickers on blue vaguely oval/oblong pegs
- The hammer was blue plastic with white caps on the end to make the hammering surface

If I can't find that exact one, I'd like something that had these features of my old toy:
- Plastic, not wooden
- Rounded edges (even the pegs were rounded, which made it a little frustrating to hammer as the hammer would slide off the pegs if you hit it at the wrong angle. But, y'know, safety)
- Light. I remember hitting myself with the hammer, because kid. But because the hammer was light, hollow plastic, it never hurt me.
- Pegs, not balls. Pegs strike me (pun) as being more satisfying to hammer.

Thanks in advance for any help rendered!
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It's not the one you had - no soldiers - but this one is plastic, rounded (ish), light, and uses pegs, though they have flat tops, which may help with the hammer slippage. And it's yellow!
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