What are my options for a more mobile server rack solution?
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I tend to move a lot and I'm trying to figure out if I'm better served (zing!) by going for a whole cabinet and just upgrading the casters or if it'd be smarter to break the equipment up over two or three smaller cabinets that can just be picked up and moved.

I'm looking at racks and I'm anticipating having to move around semi-regularly in the next few years. Something like a 45U cabinet isn't really tenable for that so I was looking at StarTech's 25U and just adding my own casters. I've been thinking about it and wondering if it might be easier to look for a couple of smaller 6 or 8U cabinets and stacking them on top of each other (or next to each other on a sturdy shelf).

I know you can get hard Pelican case racks and while I drool over them, the $1,500 price tag is just a little too much.

What would be my best option here?
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You may be on the best track. The StarTech 25U I see here looks like it has casters much better than the Tripp Lite SR18UB we use. An SR24UB exists. The Tripp Lite casters are ok for moving the loaded unit on sidewalks between adjacent buildings but seem more intended to allow better access to the back in a small room. If your setup will include UPS units or other heaviness, I'd go for something that comes with robust casters. If noise containment is desirable, getting or adding side panels looks easier than adding casters.
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You can get rackmount flight cases at reasonable prices. I'm guessing you are in the US so recommend investigating the below....

For $280 and fre shipping you get a 10u rolling case like this.


Gator and SKB are the go to Pelican alternatives for the touring/events industry. You don't need shockmount as your equipment is not on the move every few days, that means you can stick with the lower cost models such as the one linked above.

Be sure to check the depth of the cases as some hardware, servers especially, require extra deep rack space.
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