Help me host a St. Patrick's day party
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I would like to buy snacks and drinks for my team of 10 people on Friday afternoon in celebration of Saint Patrick's day.

I can spend up to $200 and have some spare time to bake on Thursday night. I live in NYC on the upper east side and work near grand central. At a minimum I want to bring Irish soda bread (they said they never tasted), and about2 beers per person. Any suggestion for other things to make/buy? Great Irish food in NYC? There are some additional people in our area that might like snacks so I'm fine with too much food!
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I'd get some kind of Irish cheese to go with the bread (Kerrygold Dubliner should be fairly widely available if you don't have a specialty store nearby, which I doubt is the case in NYC).
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Cheese is a good idea! Like a nice cheddar, even just a white or regular cheddar.
Some smoked salmon also to go with the soda bread! (Soda bread is great.)
Tea with milk too, to wash it down, before the drinking.
If you do get to a speciality shop or an Irish bar - ask for some Tayto crisps (chips?) in preferably cheese and onion or failing that salt and vinegar flavour. They're actually nice with a Coke or something. At least a bag per person. You could end up fleecing two each. We sometimes rip them open to share as a night progresses...nice to have your own bag too for the novelty though! You could also get Kimberly biscuits if they have them! And pink or purple snacks also... good luck ;) I'm hungry thinking about it!
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You could also make scones! Plain are nice, with some cream and jam if you can get them, but just butter if not. I hate raisins but I suppose some people like them, you could make some with/without.
Apple tart is also a popular traditional dessert. My granny used to bake her own for decades and would have it after dinner with a cup of tea!
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the butcher block, on queens blvd and 41st street in sunnyside, is an experience. its a very well stocked irish grocery in a neighborhood with a lot of irish-irish (as opposed to irish american) folks. you can get any number of irish import snacks and id bet (but have never gotten myself) some soda bread worth your while - not terribly far from grand central either (off the 40th st/Lowery stop on the 7).
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Irish Potatoes

They're apparently more of a Philly thing, but Irish Potatoes are 100% linked to St. Patricks Day for me.
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oh yeah - we went to philly this past weekend and tried some irish potatoes - those are pretty great!
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I'll just leave these here:

Homemade Irish Cream
Chocolate Guinness Whoopie Pies with Bailey’s Buttercream

You're welcome!
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A slow cooker tureen of mint-green creamy pea and watercress soup, with polystyrene cups and some goat's cheese to crumble over the top.

A platter with soda bread, smoked salmon, cheese (cheddar / blue) and fresh oysters.

If you're up for baking and can reheat stuff at the office, sausage rolls.

Guinness, Baileys, maybe some Jamieson depending on how drinky you want drinks to be.
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